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Elimination Chamber 2015 recap

Just a few notes recapping a brilliant piece of wrestling. Elimination Chamber had everything we wanted. Black guys winning, a nearly disastrous IC match, a nearly out of shape fat guy beat Cena, Dean acting like Dean and Seth making a dumb ass face.

The venue

The fuck was wrong with the crowd. Yes crowd, you are a part of this show, react accordingly. I'm not saying to swing your dicks at the camera but at least care that you bought a 200 dollar ticket!

Zack wrestled guys

Fun part is only like 4 of you knew that. Preshow or not, I like Zack. And any win for Stardust is a win for us.

The power of positivity

I told people to give the tag division time. A month before Wrestlemania it looked like the division was thin. Oh ye of zero future vision. Last night was two things. Not only is the division firey and alive, but you can trust they will deliver. Yeah its not perfect but honestly, WWE is actually had the best tag division in wrestling. Deal with it.

Hooray and stuff Nikki won...again 

Cena dick game must be vicious to give Nikki her super powers to take down Naomi like nothing. Oh wait, thats because he's fucking her.

Real talk i don't care if he is in this case. Nikki is good or at least watchable. She has carried the belt and actually fighting. The downside is she's worn thin and her holding on to the belt seems strange. And I'm being nice by saying strange. She should have lost this belt by now. I get Aj retiring and Paige's visa. But what about Naomi? X that, why not Naomi. She has Aj's old muscle? Dat ass tho! Improved moveset and mic skills. Dat ass tho! In the Anaoi family, role model for the girl demo you been neglecting and your trying to rectify. Dat ass tho! Gorgeous smile, prime athlete, DID I MENTION HER ASS!

But seriously, Paige should've got it too but no. Big reason. So what's next? Or is all of this more of Naomi and Tamina enizguri/pump handle slamming the shit out of Paige for 3-5 weeks just for Paige to turns tables and "This is my house?" ...maybe Charlotte. Hey...WHERE IS CHARLOTTE!?

With little expectations i have for creative writing in Stamford, i do hold hope they got something. My feeling it's  something right in time for Summerslam. Diva's Battle Royal! Now that's booking!

You can stop marking now

The one thing in wrestling that rubs my balls all wrong is fan reaction. Yes, wrestling fans have always had this reaction, but in an internet age it's hard to have these reactions and still call yourself a super fan. True, at the end of the day it relies on the person to give a fuck but come on. We don't need a parade because Cena lost clean! We don't need to hammer in how fat and intimidating Owens is! We need more of this. Movement of two belts, NXT and US. Not to mention, young (or in this case) fresh talent being established as actual threats to the main roster.

To add to this the haters of Owens came out. You would think it be mostly Cenation people...well yeah but no. A bunch of Vince Russo ass niggaz. You know these guys. I'm a better gm, everyone I love is buried, bring back bra and panties guys. The sight of Owens pisses them off. Fuck his skills, experience and his mama. And no real good reason will be told to you. So just nod and call them a twat.


Neville v Bo...piss break

That actually happened. Deny it. I dare you. Because I guarantee you left your tv when this match started.

Who's to blame

Maaaaaaaaaaaaan, where to begin. Four weeks ago Daniel Bryan retired leaving the belt in limbo. Then Rusev fucked up his shit. Then the midcard got odd. Yeah, lets go with odd. Then Mark Henry came back. Then the match started. Then crowd became pricks. Then that cheap plexiglass fell off a door. Then everyone decided..."Pffffff, its just the IC. Not like its the second best belt in the WWE." Then Zig started over achieving and botching. Then the match ended. Ryback won. A lot of people looked pissed. I blame Daniel Bryan.


Wrestling was made for guys like Ambrose. Someone who wants the crowd to take home something. We hear this all the time for veterans all the time and Dean embodies it. Seth being Seth is a real reason all of this works. You see the weeks of dirt wins, Mercury and Noble jumping in, and Stephanie being the worlds sexiest and annoying PR lady has helped this moment. To see Roman help and to see Dean running away with a the WWE Championship makes this face priceless.

Seth...the Montana Max of WWE, the spoon feed prodigy who cries for everything gets his shit stole and no one can help him. That feels good. And this has the potential to makes my Shield main event come true. With Summerslam coming and Roman just "helping  out" its like you can smell it. Dean v Rollins will roll through MITB and why would you stop that? Maybe if your sick of Triple Threat main event.

Final Grade- B+

- Dee(@DeeTheBlackGeek)