Psycho Power Rangers SDCC 2018 Exclusives

With Hasbro owning the property and not releasing any new toys till 2019, Bandai is set to make 2018 essentially a year to unload the remainder toys they have left. The legacy figures in particular have been a toy line that has had a lot of good things going for it despite the early hiccups. Each legacy figure line so far represented the respective Power Rangers seasons from MMPR to Zeo to Ninja Storm to Dino Thunder. Each figure came with a 'Build A Zord' piece that when combined formed the zord from that respective season.

This time around Bandai is set to release the Psycho Rangers Legacy Figures and 2 exclusive figures came to SDCC this year in Psycho Silver and Psycho Green.

The main line Psycho Rangers figures haven't hit the U.S. yet but they will soon. Check out the video for more information.

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Posted on July 24, 2018 .