Star Wars Rebels NYCC 2015 panel

Star Wars Rebels is a very interesting show in that it takes place during a period of time that the Star Wars property barely touched. The show takes place between Revenge of the Sith and A New Hope. You have a group of strangers who band together to fight against the Empire and you can tell its kind of showing the makings of how the Rebel Alliance formed. Probably the big revelation is the fact that one of the characters(Kanan Jarrus) is in fact a jedi who managed to avoid the jedi purge from Revenge of the Sith.

So going into Season 2, there is definitely some big expectations and excitement. Joining in on the panel was Executive Producer Dave Filoni, Taylor Gray(Ezra Bridger), Ashley Eckstein(Asoka Tano), and Sarah Michelle Geller( the Seventh Sister Inquisitor). Lots of insight into the second season and also how the show kinda ties into the movies in some ways. Good times overall.

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