SuperGirl NYCC 2015 Interview

Since the show's announcement, hype surrounding this has been at an all time high. Riding off the success of Arrow and The Flash, Greg Berlanti is doing it again with another superhero icon in Supergirl. Having seen the pilot I can tell you this is gonna be another hit show that people are gonna love. 

Mehcad Brooks and Peter Facinelli chatted up on the show's direction and there respective characters direction and interactions with Supergirl. As you'll hear, you can tell that Brooks is excited in his portrayal of Jimmy Olson and what he's bringing to the character. Facinelli also provides some insight into what sets his character of Maxwell Lord apart from another Supergirl/Superman villain in Lex Luthor. Fun times all around.

Supergirl is set to premiere on October 26, 2016 on CBS.

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