Ash vs. the Evil Dead NYCC 2015 Interview

The Evil Dead franchise has managed to gain a following after multiple decades of being in the eye of the public in various incarnations. Spawning from the resurgence of the franchise from the Evil Dead remake, Ash vs. Evil Dead seeks to continue the adventures of Ash from the original Evil Dead movies. This time though Ash(Bruce Campbell) has company in the form of two younger people(Ray Santiago and Dana Delorenzo) who seek to help him with his fight against the Deadites and Necronomicon. Along the way he crosses paths with a state trooper Amanda Fisher(Jill Marie Jones) and a mysterious character Ruby Knowby(Lucy Lawless) who is seeking revenge on Ash.

The cast, producer Sam Raimi, and showrunner Craig DiGregorio sat down and provided lots of insight into the show and the direction it is going in.

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