Power Rangers In Space

So...how do you get the fan base back into liking your show after Power Rangers Turbo made people abandon ship? You start by giving the people a good plot and good characters hence we have Power Rangers in Space. Admittedly I felt at the time like I was the only person that stuck with Power Rangers. Many people especially the casual viewers weren't feeling Turbo and its understandable. Its like I said in the breakdown, Turbo was adapting a wacky sentai in Carranger so it was gonna turn off people. But much like in the past, Saban and co. gave us a promo for In Space that got the hype machine rolling.

To get the ball rolling lets set up the premise. So the 4 rangers ( TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley) set off in space to meet up with Zordon after Divatox crushes and destroys the Command Center. During this time many of the past villains such as the Machine Empire, Lord Zedd, Rita, Goldar, Master Vile, and Rito have gathered together to celebrate the Zordon being captured on top of the rangers being defeated as well. The big bad who was the defacto leader of this group was Dark Spectre who bore a resemblance to the bad guy from the Turbo movie (More like Saban just used the same damn suit lol). Its an interesting scene seeing all these villains together talking to one another with Rita and Divatox having a bit of a fight with one another which was funny a little. Its during this time that we meet the villain of this series in Astronema.

Astronema was an interesting character. She had a presence to her and you believed that she could take out the rangers if she wanted especially when you have a general like Ecliptor under you. Ecliptor was a different bad guy than most up till this point. Its kinda hard to pinpoint it but I guess the best way to say it is that he had an honorable mentality when it came right down to it on top of being a kind of surrogate dad to Astronema. So already the show had an interesting cast of villains. But what about the rangers themselves? Well this is where it got more interesting somewhat.

The other 4 rangers already had solid personalities going into this season. If anything it felt like a continuation of Turbo seeing as how these guy came in during the second half. The new guy on the block was Andros. Andros came from a planet called KO-35 which much like any planet was peaceful until Dark Spectre came laid waste to it. Its through Andros that we see that he's an actual Power Ranger himself to the shock of the villains since this was revealed in the first episode as he's infiltrating the villain party. At any rate, the rangers meet up with Andros and through a series of misconceptions they eventually explain there situation. Andros more or less knows whats happening but much like most solo heroes, he prefers to work alone. Eventually after seeing the rangers struggle against Astronema's foot soldiers, the Quantrons and with Alpha 6 pushing him, Andros joins up and gives the rangers morphers and helps them out and thus we have the start of the season.

First and foremost before this season really kicked off, there was a brief episode where the rangers teamed up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. On paper, this is something of a dream seeing as how this was two big franchises coming together for the first time and admittedly it was exciting hearing about this. The bad news is that the Ninja Turtles in question was based off the horrible Next Mutation show. So as you can imagine it was a very bizarre and jarring episode to watch but given that Next Mutation was a Saban product it made sense that this team up was gonna happen.

At any rate, the first 1/4 of the season focused on the rangers searching for Zordon and getting to know Andros. Its around this time that the show had the rangers go back to Earth for school but it felt like it got abandoned after awhile. At any rate, they get a lead on Zordon on a jungle planet by virtue of the Phantom Ranger contacting them. As with anything, they're too late in saving Zordon BUT they end up obtaining a new zord called the Delta Megazord.

The middle part of the season is where things started getting interesting. We ended up getting another mainstay villain by the name of Darkonda and he was pretty much a cut and dry bad guy. We find out that he kidnapped Andros's sister and he has bad blood between him and Ecliptor. So already we got multiple feuds going on and it definitely made for some intense fights. At least three episodes started off with Ecliptor and Darkonda going at it and we even had a three way fight between Andros, Ecliptor, and Darkonda. At the same all this is going on, we find out that Andros has another ranger on deck that was his friend Zhane. Long story short, during there time defending KO-35 from Dark Spectre, Zhane got injured and Andros put him in stasis so he could heal. The character of Zhane was a fun character but he was also cocky which was fine. Its always cool to have that ranger that is very sure of himself.

Now the rangers did team up with old friends. Justin somehow ended up with his Turbo powers and ended up teaming up to saving Lightning Cruiser and Storm Blaster from the bad guys. The biggest team up though has to go to Adam coming back as the Black Ranger. The episode stems from Carlos not believing in himself after injuring Cassie due to a deception from the Monster of the day. Adam comes back to inspire Carlos and get him back into mental and physical shape. This moment right here is why everyones jaws dropped when it happened.

At any rate, in pursuit of trying to get more information on his sisters disappearance, Andros ends up obtaining key cards during a poker game that has ties to more powerful zords. This leads to the rangers having a huge battle against Darkonda and finally defeating him or so we think when he ends up coming back. We find out that he can essentially revive himself up to 9 times like a cat. Eventually it gets revealed that Astronema is in fact Andros's sister. Surprise!!!! The reunion is bittersweet and short because once Dark Spectre figures out that she knows she's not evil, he intends to get her back. He ends up succeeding in this and puts Astronema under control through cybernetic implants that suppress her emotions.

This is where the rest of the season starts kicking into overdrive. First and foremost, we get introduced to the Psycho Rangers who were like the best thing ever in Power Ranger history. As the name suggests they were pure evil versions of the rangers that were powerful and knew everything about the rangers right down to how they fight. Damn near every episode, the Psycho Rangers were kicking the crap out of the space rangers like they owed them money. So how do the Space Rangers win? They pretty much fight the Psycho rangers one at a time but even then, one Psycho ranger still gave the 5 rangers trouble. The hitch with the Psycho Rangers was the Astronema was using them to siphon power from Dark Spectre to make him weak so she could take over.

After defeat, the Psycho Rangers come back as ghosts which was weird but through a computer system that changes people into data cards, the Psycho's come back briefly to fight but are quickly defeated by turning them into data cards. The irony. Which brings us to the finale. Up till this point, the rangers finding Zordon kinda took a back seat due in part to the other stories that was going on. But the finale, aptly called Countdown to Destruction, felt like a culmination of everything during this Zordon era. You had the Space Rangers fighting Astronema's forces on Earth, the Alien Rangers (Yeah those guys) fighting the Machine empire, The Blue Centurion and Phantom Ranger fighting Zedd and Rita, and the Gold Ranger fighting Master Vile and the Tengas.  It was all out war which brought us to Andros fighting his mind controlled sister. He manages to take her out and in act that can only be explained by seeing it, Zordon has Andros destroy his tanks to release the good energy and put an end to evil's rule. It was a powerful moment just cause you knew it was the end of an era.

Good triumphs over evil, Andros's sister is revived and is good again, and everybody is happy putting a bookmark to the Zordon era of Power Rangers.

Overall, Power Rangers in Space was a solid series that definitely showed that the creators wanted to make it up to the fans for the abysmal Turbo season and they succeeded greatly. If you abandoned ship on Power Ranger when Turbo hit, the Power Rangers In Space is definitely the season that will help in getting your interest back if only to see what happens with Zordon.

3blackgeeks Grade -

CJ - A+
Posted on August 28, 2014 .