Power Rangers Turbo

The season that pretty much made everyone go "Fuck This Company", Power Rangers Turbo managed to kill the momentum that Zeo brought to the table. I knew a lot of people that barely hung in with Power Rangers even when Zeo came out but Turbo was the nail in the coffin and for rightful reasons. For one thing, Saban in his infinite wisdom decided to make a movie for Turbo and its plain obvious there was no big budget for it. When the first MMPR movie debuted, it was a massive hit and you could tell there was Hollywood money behind it but Turbo: A Power Rangers movie? Yeah, it looked like a Direct to DVD movie. The trailer tells the tale.

Needless to say after the movie, when PR Turbo debuted, the first three episodes was literally a recap of what happened in the movie on top of the characters FINALLY graduating from high school. All the characters from Zeo carried over but with a slight twist. A new character by the name of Justin was introduced and he took over Rocky's position as the blue ranger which was cool except for one slight problem...He was a 10 year old kid. People's reaction to this decision ranged from confused to literal rage. Now to be fair, in the sentai, two of the shows had kid rangers. Kibaranger aka White Tiger ranger from Dairanger and King Ranger aka the Gold Ranger from Ohranger. But an idea like that in Power Rangers didn't exactly go well.

So the villains. Divatox(who was played by Carol Hoyt and Hilary Shepherd Turner respectively) was a different kind of villain in that she in restrospect was like a terrorist villain. She literally during the first half of the season always planted bombs somewhere in Angel Grove that the rangers had to get rid of on top of the Monster of the Day. As a lifelong viewer of this series, it was a struggle getting through this. On top of that she had three generals in Rygar, Porto, and Elgar. Elgar was the only general that got any extended presences. He was the dimwitted cousin of Divatox and he definitely lived up to the stupidity of the character. It wasn't until the second half that we had some interesting bad guys but we'll get to in a moment.

With the older rangers graduating and moving on with their civilian lives, Zordon and Alpha 5 made the decision to move on and go back to their home planet of Eltar. This left the rangers with Dimitria who literally gave the rangers riddles when answering questions. Then you got Alpha 6 who was pretty much Alpha 5 with a New York accent. On top of that they ended up getting a sixth ranger of sorts with an ally in the Blue Centurion who was pretty much a Police Officer ranger. Cheesy stuff. lol
You kinda knew over time watching this season that the older rangers were gonna get replaced and it eventually happened. It was sad too because I'll be honest, as someone that was invested in this series from the beginning I was gonna miss this old team but hey all good things have to come to an end. The older team of Tanya, Catherine, Tommy, and Adam transferred their powers to TJ, Cassie, Carlos, and Ashley. Justin carried over to the new team.

This is where the season, at least to me, got better. More action, Divatox stopped doing the whole "I'm gonna plant a bomb somewhere", and we got an interesting story arc. Just get this out of the way, the show had its quirky and goofy moments and no episode stands out more than "Trouble by the Slice". Divatox loses her memory and is working in a pizza place. A monster is made from the mascot of the pizza place. The ranger while fighting the monster, are literally put in an oven and baked into a pizza. It was a bizarre and weird thing to watch and thats saying a lot considering the season.

So later on we get an introduction to Divatox's brother, General Havoc who pretty much hands the rangers their asses with his Godzilla like zord and he takes the ranger Turbo megazord. A new player named the Phantom Ranger came onto the scene and he helps the rangers obtain a new set of zords called the Rescue zords. They used the zord to have an epic fight that culminated in TJ fighting the Monster of the Day on the Turbo megazord. Gotta be honest, it was a pretty good fight to watch.
So by the end of the season is where Divatox literally went "Super Cena" mode. She ends up getting a monster to fight the ranger who literally goes through the two zords like was nothing and the rangers end up using there combined Turbo weapons to detonate inside the monster to win. Divatox meanwhile FINALLY gets the idea to charge the Command Center and destroy it and she succeeds. I gotta be honest, it was a depressing thing to watch. Unlike the end of Season 3 where the Command Center explosion was anti-climatic, this was different in that Divatox managed to do what Rita, Zedd, and even the Machine Empire was never able to do and that was to completely destroy the command center.

With that, the rangers minus Justin decide to go into to space to Eltar to contact Zordon. Power Ranger Turbo was one of those seasons that you really had to grind through to enjoy. The first half won't keep you engaged but the second half is vintage Power Rangers with the usual Monster of the Day scenario. But like I said before, this season put this property on its death kneel at least until the next season brought the property back to life.

Power Rangers Turbo overall was a mixed bag. If you stuck with it during the first half, you got more action in the second half with the new team.

3blackgeeks rating -

Posted on June 4, 2014 .