Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 3

Confession time....I have a love/hate relationship with this season. Much like a lot of people at this point, I was begrudgingly watching the show just to see where it goes. At any rate, Season 3 kicked off with a 3 part crossover show where the Power Rangers teamed up with the Masked Rider. Yes you read that right, the Masked Rider.

You're probably asking yourself what is Masked Rider? Well, Masked Rider was an abortion of a show that was based off of Kamen Rider Black RX. Much like Power Rangers, Saban attempted to use other tokusatsu shows and Americanize them to make money off it. Out of the shows that he did such as VR Troopers, Big Bad Beetleborgs, and Masked Rider, Masked Rider was a huge failure that barely even got a season. It was horrible across the board and somehow Saban tried using Power Rangers as a way to springboard it.  At any rate, the team up episode was pretty fun to watch and its just weird how Masked Rider fits into this Power Ranger continuity and yet it doesn't.
At any rate, we finally get to the true season premeire which was a 4 parter called "Ninja Quest". We find out that Rita Repulsa has a brother name Rito who while looking bad ass is a bit of an idiot when he talks. He ends up confronting the rangers and successfully destroys the zords and to be honest, it was a very heartbreaking scene seeing the zords get torn to shreds like that.

With this happening, the rangers have to obtain new powers at the Ninjetti temple from a guy named Ninjor. Prior to finding the temple, they encounter Rito's grunts the Tengu Warriors which were pretty much giant bird creatures that were more competent than putties but were more tough. They escape from the creatures and enter the temple. After some dialogue with Ninjor they gain the powers of Ninja. Rocky gains the power of the Ape, Tommy the power of the Falcon, Kimberly the power of the Crane, Billy the power of the Wolf, Aisha the power of the Bear, and Adam the power of the Frog(LOL). With these new powers, the rangers gained access to new ninja zords and an array of ninja powers.  The effects of the powers during their fights with the Tengu warriors was cool to see.

As the season the continued and the rangers garnered more victories, eventually we finally get to some sort of story arc in this season. We are introduced to a character named Kat, who is working with Rita and Zedd. She gained the trust of the rangers and eventually betrayed them through stealing Kimberly's power coin which in essence made her useless as a ranger, she managed to get the Falcon zords stolen which somehow made Ninjor get captured(still trying to figure that one out), and she was being an overall nuisance to the rangers. In the midst of all this, the rangers gained the Shogun zords that Lord Zedd initially was blackmailing the rangers to pilot for him.

As if the writing was already on the wall, Kat eventually turns good and Kimberly gives her power coin to her. Its after all this that the season started getting a bit long on the tooth and my interest was waning a bit. You see, Rita's dad Master Vile comes to Earth to pretty much do what Rita and Zedd couldn't do and that's get rid of the Rangers. He attempted to obtain the Zeo Crystal to further his agenda but like clockwork the rangers obtain the crystal and end up splitting it into 5 sub crystals and sending into time and space our of Vile's reach.  In a master stroke though Vile managed to reverse time through the Orb of Doom and made the Rangers into kids.
Which brings us to the Mighty Morphin Alien Ranger saga. Wow, where to begin.

See this is what I'm talking about where they were really grating people's nerves. It was like they were trying to extend this season to be longer than what it needed to be. *Sigh* So the Alien rangers...design wise they were interesting but the hook to them was that they couldn't survive long periods of time on Earth because they were part Aquatic creatures. If anything, I give the saga points for upping the stakes a bit in that the Alien rangers weren't the be all solution due to that handicap.
Billy manages to reverse the effects of time on himself with a device that uses the rangers coin but Goldar manages to destroy it. Essentially the rest of the saga involves the rangers going on quests in different time periods to obtain the zeo crystals that they sent off earlier in the season. Aisha decides in her quest to stay in Africa to help out a village so she sends Tanya in her place.  Rita and Zedd FINALLY get the idea to blow up the Command Center since they know where its at and the we end the season with the rangers watching as the Command Center gets blown up.

Again, with Season 3 I was sticking it out but dammit, all the multi-parters is what killed it for me a bit. I mean the stories went places and we got some good arcs but it wore out its welcome a bit.

CJ- B-
Dee- C+
Posted on February 21, 2014 .