Bible Black Part 3

So we come to the end of this wild satanic ride. Looking back on doing this review, I was asked several times, why? Why review a hentai? More to it, Bible Black. This is hard to believe but this piece of anime history was the very first anime me and my good friend wanted to review. Before there was a 3blackgeeks or a large swelling of Internet critics. Back in 2007, we wanted to be either the first or the funniest. But nothing came from it. Skip to now and no one still wants to touch this series. Oh you can find a few but mines in funnier. At least to me it is.

Okay, where were we? In between rape scenes. THAT'S NOT A JOKE! We see Minase in bed Takashiro. I'd be smoking a joint after that. Minase is thinking about all the crazy shit going down. Nevermind that, Takashiro is giving him and handy j. Speaking of which, how are you still getting an erection Minase! Well he lays the smackdown on Takashiro and...this scene is good too. But Shiraki is standing outside his house hearing Takashiro hitting high notes. This is gonna end bad.

Still intent on saving Imari, Minase runs to Saeki's apartment. When he gets there the door to the apartment is unlocked and the room is completely empty. Damn, even took the anal beads. When Minase turns around he runs into Shiraki. Bam, she stabs him the gut. Well good game Minase, you had that shit coming to you. Shiraki is crying and monologuing over his body, but there's a legit reason. It's because he did nothing to help her when she was raped in school. Notice she didn't mention the orgy. So with death eminent what do you do? Laugh, cry, murder a few other people? Nah, give him a blowjob and fuck him. Okay...blood is draining out of you gut in large waves...HOW ARE YOU GETTING A HARD ON!? Penises don't work like that! The pentagram on the floor starts to glow as they both orgasm. ...Satan is pleased? Shiraki thanks Minase then raises the knife. Takashiro suddenly appears behind her and cast a spell and lays out Shiraki. Takashiro casts another spell over Minase and heals the cut. Why aren't you a doctor? And check out this bullshit, Takashiro tells him she was caught off guard the other day, but says she will not let it happen again. I'm calling bullshit, and you should too.

Meanwhile Kitami's followers are having an orgy. Sex in a dank, humid, school basement doing the nasty on hard concrete and blood stains everywhere. That's place screams orgy, it also screams staph infection. Kitami is standing over Imari's unconscious body on a stone pedestal in the middle of the room. So she needs to purification the altar by filling of the holy cup. It's a XXX Cartoon, take a guess. Back in Minase's room, Minase throws the Bible Black against a wall cursing himself for finding it. You see if he never found it Shiraki and Imari would not have been in this situation. Sure, blame the book from MAKING YOU CAST THE SPELLS. Just saying Minase you was on pace for banging all the pretty girls in the school if it never backfired. Think about, from jump street he saw it's power when home girl got plugged against a locker. It wasn't a second later when saw Shiraki and said "I'm fucking that!". The book didn't do it. You did. And if that wasn't enough, you saw Shikari perform Geese Howard's death on Fatal Fury and lived! You were also told twice that "Minase, magic? Son, you ain't bout that life.". You went to the basement and then join Kitami! Now true, the blame isn't all on him. Takashiro should be ashamed. The second you saw Kitami and also felt a evil presents, you should did something. You even knew Minase was fucking with it. You sat on your hands!

Takashiro says Minase will just end up like the day before. Bullshit, I think she's upgraded to killing him now. Minase asks her teacher if she can come along but she says her magic is no match for her evil power. See, not even two paragraphs later! She claims Imari will stay alive until midnight and that there is one spell in the book that might be able to stop Kitami. Oh good, thank god you have the book. Oh shit, nevermind that. Rie in Bible Black Origins blood is all over that on page. Thank god for Wikipedia because Takashiro researches the Internet the Forbidden Spell. WHO WROTE THAT SHIT ON THE INTERNET! This bugs me because this means this evil book is just sitting on the net for any rapist, sexual predator or fucking pedophile to use. Well, how to make meth, coke, dirty bombs and flat asses white girls twerking is on the Internet. Why not! While Takashiro thinks of the spell, she says that they need to delay Kitami long enough until her contract with the Devil expires and she dies. I saw Bryan Cranston rob a train and not get caught. This is doable. If they fail, Kitami will exchange bodies with Imari and the girl will be sent to hell for Kitami's sins. Damn! Shit! That is whack!

In that school basement with spiders, roaches...why would you wanna fuck there! Kitami is preaches to her followers about her jumping into Imari. Even saying she will become the ruler of the next millennium and leave her name in the Book of Revelations. Okay, two things. Leave your name in a book that was written 2000 years ago...okay got it. And spoiler alert, I saw the first episode of Bible Black New Testement. And yes those who saw it too, I gave away nothing. After a bunch of talking and nothing happening, not complaining, just saying. Imari wakes up to this fucking hell and starts screaming. I'm shocked she didn't faint after seeing all of that. Another fact, most of Imari's dialogue is her crying or moaning. Which in turn means she doesn't have anything important to say. Hey, you didn't need me to point that out. So Kitami unlocks that belt...then eats her out...then wipes it out...then she says something I'm sure a rapist on Law and Order SVU said. Just then Minase and Takashiro arrive at the school. Takashiro notes that it is too quiet and dark. No shit, it's midnight! Kitami created a barrier around the school; but Takashiro uses her lipstick to draw a pentagram on the glass door. After a few words the glass shatters, THEN STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN'S MUSIC KICKS IN! Nah, I wish, it's just these two run in. 

At Minase's crib four robed men walk up to the door. Remember when I said we were in between rape scenes? They make it up to his room where Shiraki is sleep. Before it can happen, Yukiko walks in pissed her girlfriend decided to be with her man. So what next? WHAT DO YOU GUESS! I'LL MAKE IT HARD FOR YOU, CLOSE YOUR EYES AND GUESS! BECAUSE THEY AIN'T THERE AS JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES!

Takashiro and Minase make it to the basement when Saeki with hentai chick 350 and 193 block their way. So they go all Harry Potter and start exchange spell. I like how fucking useless Minase is now. Well Takashiro took em'out. Oh yeah the ritual. Imari is screaming as Kitami sets all of this up. She says they are all crazy. You don't fucking say. Kitami continues her to call the Devil and the circle on the floor starts to glow blue. Kitami is about to penetrate Imari but Minase appears behind them, using one of the black robes as disguise. Why the disguise, what's the point of deception. He recites to Kitami that those that rebel against God's will to leave this world. Don't let him break out Leviticus bitch! Kitami tells him he is too late to stop her and that she will kill him when she is done. Minase says he won't let that happen and starts to chant the spell he and Takashiro deciphered. I like how he's not physically stopping her from penetrating Imari, which she can do at anytime. Kitami smiles and says his spells won't work on her. Minase repeats his chant, but Kitami still clowns this dude. I'm not rooting for evil but just put it in here Kitami. This is how Bond villains lose. Kitami suddenly forces images into Minase's head. And it's Shiraki and Yukiko being violently raped by her followers and their ordered to kill them afterward. Ok, Shiraki I get but why Yukiko? Nevermind, she's on mafia rules. Minase keeps chanting the spell, and Kitami stares at him and not stick Imari! I mean not even the tip.

Well I think Kitami heard me yelling at the screen because she finally penetrates her! A bright magic light fills up the room and Kitami flashes back to twelve years ago. Like how it looks for all girls who lose their virginity. Takashiro bursts into the room and tells Minase to hurry and continue casting the spell. Hey, why no one got a gun? But Takashiro is grabbed and raped by Kitami's lackeys. Yes, another rape, take a shot or something. And then we go back to Yukiko and Shiraki being raped. Jesus. I swear there better be some form of symbolism in this! Minase continues to say the spell and after like a solid 2 minutes of basically name dropping saints and Jesus the room shakes. Nice of Kitami and Satan to not move that entire time. Everyone is blown away as a bright light fills the room. Took you long enough God, the Anti-Christ was busy having random sex and she was a nurse too. When the light fades, Kitami's body is on the brink of death and lays motionless on the stone floor. And like that, all of her followers run out like "fuck this". Minase holds Imari and tells Kitami about the spell he found in the Bible Black. False you found it on Wikipedia! 

Kitami reaches out her still bleeding hand to him and to be very fair... you feel genuinely sorry for her. She was forced into this life and she was only trying to survive. Think of it like this. A girl pines over her and has her brutally raped. She's then killed and murders. Dying and desperate she takes Satan's help. Yes her mind was warped and used by Satan but she wanted to be a normal woman...without a dick. Point is, this was a damn good story arc. So she dies and Takashiro sits down and closes Kitami's blood stained eyes.

A few days later, life seems to be back to normal for Minase. Yukiko has survived her ordeal and Shiraki is freed from the love curse. They have no recollection events that took place in the last few days. What about there traumatized vagina's! Minase says the police closed the case on the incident, since everyone believes nurse Kitami committed suicide. Oh bullshit. One blacklight and a CSU team will call bullshit too. Way to go Tokyo PD! Minase apologizes to Imari for dragging her into it. She says it is okay, because everyone has something evil inside of them. YOU WERE RAPED REPEATEDLY! THIS ISN'T ON THE SAME LEVEL AS SOMEONE STEALING YOUR BOOMBOX! Soon after, the couple finally kisses for the first time. Awwwww. And it's sounds foreign, but there's consensual sex. Mindblowing. As for the sex...okay. I said consensual right. Well, the sex is right out of Trey Songz song. Okay follow me. Kissing, oral sex that includes a rimjob on both parties, multiple positions, anal sex which should be easy know and multiple cumshots. Wow! That was awesome. And thank god it didn't go into Battle Royale territory. Not the awesome movie, no the hentai OVA that I will never do! Think of two girls and a cup expect the cup is one of girls faces!

Afterwards, they discuss that the school basement is due to be closed and filled with concrete to prevent anyone from entering. So the murders 12 years ago didn't warrant that I guess. Imari asks about the Bible Black and Minase tells her he put it back where he found it so that nobody will ever find it again. Why not burn it, either way it doesn't matter seeing how you found part of a spell on the first page of a Google search! Minase says "He ain't bout that life." but Imari says she is not done casting spells and admits she has been doing it for a while. Minase is like what but forgets about it when Imari asks for more sex. Women. Well they're a happy couple, good for them. The End!

Sike! Sometime later, before the basement is completely sealed off, Saeki is looking around in the dark basement room and finds the magic Bible Black in a hidden hole in the wall where Minase returned it. So she had to actually see Minase put it there, which I'm asking how, but whatever. As she discovers the book but she was seen by Imari who was standing behind her. Imari says they need to get rid of the book. And with magic she burns the book by looking at it. Oh know what's next. Imari casually starts taking off all her clothes. Wait, what? Then back bigger, badder and gooier is the vagipenis. And in the words of Slim Pickens in Blazing Saddles, Imari rapes the shit out of Saeki. The End. Now before you say it, I will. Did evil just win? Not sure. I only got one idea. Just a standard idea from a fan, but here's my idea. Kitami died the second she asked for help from Satan. A demon replaced her once occupied soul. The demon needed a new body kinda like the demon in Denzel Washington movie, Fallen. Kitami was possessed by a demon who in it's moat raw form. One who rapes and makes a girl grow a dick. This OVA is fucking awesome!

I have to say, I love this anime. Bible Black is amazing. Its entertaining and it opened a door in all of our lives. At the end of the day it's still anime. It's well acted, has characters you like, it has some of the best animation in a hentai and it out shines some anime. It has it's place in anime history with Kite and La Blue Girl. It was fun reviewing this. You...not sure if I should...but I have New Testament...and it ruins anything good about this. And that's should scare you.

3BlackGeeks Rating-
Dee- A
DjTsu- A+
Cj- Respect the art form of hentai, but otherwise hates it........B+

Special Thanks to DjTsu for co-writing this. Thanks brother.
Posted on October 22, 2013 .