Bible Black Part 2

Despite me liking the effort put into this anime, this is some sick crap. What sets this anime apart from other hentai is that outside of usual hentai troupes, it's drawn slightly more realistic then most. So lie to yourself and say this is just hentai.'s technically ultra-porn. Porn that covers all the bases. If anything is missing its good that it's gone! One of them is a hot button issue with me. It's something that hentai has been getting away with lately and it's the main reason I never view it. Pedophilia. Oh yes. It's bad enough I feel like a sick prev for liking this but everyone assume everyone in this is 17 and older. Lolita Moe's very real. I'm not even joking, it's bad enough it's licked into mainstream anime culture with the Lolita jail bait dropping in age from 15-16 to fucking 9! This is also the reason anime has lost it's flair. When making the 9 old sexy is a focus, it's time to leave.

Back to the review. At Saeki's apartment building, Professor Takashiro is being tortured. Before I continue, quick question. How does it smell in that apartment and have the neighbors called? I'm just saying with the awesome orgy the last two days. Takashiro is getting it in every hole from rubber hoses. And it gets better and legendary. Minase shows up with the world's largest comedic plastic syringe and says in the English dub...and I quote "Hello...big titty bitch." ...I can't follow that with a joke. It's hilarious.

So he stoves that thing into Takashiro, and again two questions. Where do you buy syringe's like that and how fucked up is this!? Water being forced into your body. This is some Nazi shit. Kitami who is loving all of this then orders Minase to rape Takashiro. Unsettled yet?  Well save room for more! Kitami then does this odd preachy speech about the evils of the world and how she's the right demon for the world. Kind of a bad time to drop knowledge on us Kitami, THERE'S A RAPE TWO FEET IN FRONT OF YOU! She also brings up her contract with the devil twelve years ago. She thinks that Takashiro is a surviving member of the magic circle that tried to sacrifice her. Well yes, but she was in the hospital when that went down. It's like blaming T.D Jakes for creating Tyler Perry. Takashiro realizes that Kitami was used as a human sacrifice. Wait, how? You we're waking up as she was killed and she was gone when you showed up. After Minase finish, Takashiro tries to crawl away but is stopped by Kitami. To make light of this, Kitami was like "Hold'em down let Mama have'em".  ...that was from "Don't be a Menace"...please laugh. We get Kitami monologuing while raping her and we get flashbacks to Walpurgis Night twelve years ago. And I'm not going into it. Just read my review of Bible Black Origins. It's quicker and funnier. After that jazz, Kitami orgasms inside Takashiro. Beautiful...all 348 guys in the world that like shit just climaxed. Please that audience Bible Black. And she finally manages to push out all the water pumped inside of her. ...I need church. But then group finds out that Shiraki saw the whole thing. Okay, there is 4 other people who wasn't fucking in that room. No one heard the door open up? Kitami let's her in and puts everyone under another spell.

When Minase wakes up, Shiraki was giving him head. ...well alright! And she promises to do it for him every morning. Sweet, a Dome Alarm Clock. Minase recalls the previous night, where he, Kitami and the other girls repeatedly smashed Shiraki. Jesus! Once again, spray that place down with Lysol and Febrezz. Looking over the book, they find a stuck page, largely covered in dried blood. It is the blood stain of one of the murdered girls on Walpurgis Night. My question is why did it take him so long to trip over those pages. 

Just then Imari is standing in front of his house, but when Minase opens the door he's with Shiraki. Imari runs off crying and who didn't see that coming? Later in school after Imari kept ducking this nigga, he finally runs up to her in the hallway. She talks this dudes ear off for acting strange lately, but Minase tells her to fuck all that and to leave him alone. He then tells her not to come to the art club that afternoon. Once again, DO NOT COME TO THE ART CLUB!

The reason? Because Kitami got a bunch of dudes running train on Takashiro. WHERE ARE THE OTHER TEACHERS AT IN THIS SCHOOL! What makes this better is Kitama, Saeki and Minase are doing their best MST3K impression by riffing the sex. Kitami then pulls Shiraki from Minase's side and throws her to the boys and they rape her. This part is sad because...well, look at it. Two women are being raped. It's bad enough this hentai is one right now, and now I have guilt. Not Minase.

Suddenly, Imari walks in the room. What did he tell her? What did he just tell her? Don't call from the house...I mean don't come to the art room! Women I tell you. I guess the smell and sounds of sex just so happened to draw her. Shocked by seeing her classmate committing a class A felony! She begs them to stop but Saeki instead suggests Imari should join them. Just then Minase starts to cast a magic orb in his hand. Then beings the oddest face-turn I ever seen. Imari stares into the light and starts to lose consciousnesses, but she manages to slap Minase across the face breaking the spell. But the slap also make Minase notice how fucked up all of this is. Imari then faints and Saeki quickly tells Minase to bring Imari with them. Takashiro pleads with him to please leave her alone. And then a dick flies in her mouth. You see, that's funny as hell but this is fucked up. This hentai in a nutshell.

Back to Saeki's apartment. Seriously, no one is questioning all the students going into apartment with all the moaning? So 3 episodes in, Imari is topless but she's shackled to a table unconsciously, surrounded by Kitami, Minase and Saeki's club. Kitami pulls off her panties and calls her a fine specimen. And with a line like that, rape is eminent! She asks Minase if this is the first time he has seen his friend naked. Why is that a question right now Reika! Kitami explains that they need her body unspoiled, since Minase already took Shiraki's virginity. Yeah, how ironic is that. Only Shiraki and Imari were upstanding virgins. If Minase didn't find that book he was gonna have Imari and this whole thing wouldn't even invovle him. Just then at Minase's, Takashiro is resting in Minase's bed. She was secretly brought to his house.

They tie a belt that covers Imari's crotch but not her butt. Start guessing. Kitami then cast a spell that gives her intense pleasure and Imari can't masturbate. Check plus on torture there Kitami. Imari is so turned up she starts sobbing, she begs Minase to help her. At this point 3 cloaked guys are holding back Minase. Bases covered. Imari is now crazier with passion, think of any chick seeing Stephen Amell without clothes...or with clothes on for that matter. Kitami makes her admit that she masturbates three times a week. Pussy, I do 3 times a day...I mean never. Happy with that...(grunt) victory, she rewards Imari by making her orgasm in front of Minase.

Kitami, this victory feels hollow as fuck. You won, stop stretching it out and rape her! So they hold down Imari to rap...GODDAMN IT! 

But Minase hulks up and breaks free ready to attack Kitami. She immediately bitch pleases his ass by stopping Minase dead in his tracks and launches his ass into the wall. Ha! Heel flip completed. Minase has a change of heart. Maybe joining this powerful witch who wants to use my bestfriends body as a vassal to rule the world wasn't the right thing to do. The rape continues...please don't tell me to describe it. Then the two girls join, then she makes Minase, and their crying..., but she's glad it's him...more sadness, then Kitami has at there's a lot of sex. So after that, Kitami tells Imari not to worry and that she will take her virginity eventually. Well that's comforting! After that they still bang her, 5 guys now. All anal by the way. But it's at this point Imari is loving it due to the spell. Here's my question and it's a good one. Where are the condoms at in this universe? Actually that brings up another good one. Do we have rape this girl over and over again? Your ruining a perfectly good butthole, not to mention it's not like you're loosening anything for her later. Seriously Kitami, you don't smoke in a brand new car while your on the car lot. Kitami notices that Minase is there. She tells him he can go home and that Imari loves it up her butt. Time and place Kitami! After a pointless back and forth Saeki suddenly starts pleasuring Minase...son of a bitch, more sex! After that dance, swears he will save her. Big talk from the guy who got a hard on from watching a girl get raped! Kitami laughs and Darth Vader's his ass by choking him. She tells Minase to piss off and don't be stupid. Then throws his ass out of the apartment half naked by Saeki. Okay, no neighbor saw that?

At Minase's Professor Takashiro is working behind the computer in Minase's room. Hey where's his cousin? Nevermind. She suddenly feels arousal course through her body. Minase walks in the room as Takashiro was about to touch herself. Minase admits that everything that has happened is his fault. Allow me. NO SHIT! Takashiro says the magic book is to blame and that it holds power he should not have meddled with. Way to blame the gun and not the gunman Takashiro. Minase and Takashiro talk about the books power and how they both are the same. It's actually a great character building scene, see how both had simliar paths. Minase is shocked and now realizes what Kitami meant when she said she needs Imari's body unspoiled and the ritual will take place tomorrow.

Suddenly, the professor again shivers and clutches her body. You see Kitami gave Takashiro a bunch of those pills. Minase suggests a hot sho...they fuck! What do you think happens!? Sadly, it's one of 4 really good sex scenes. This ranks number 2 for me. So let's recap, 3 blondes, 2 random anime chicks, Imari and now your Teacher. Now that's a good anti-hero. After Minase (grunts) relieves her, she falls asleep. I'm all for putting that ass to sleep but I don't she's done. Elsewhere, Kitami and her gang enter the abandoned basement of the school with an unconscious Imari. The ritual will take place tonigth!

So 4 down...and it gets more insane. Holy shit, does it get crazier. These last two episodes are full of dark sex. The sex that happens in 8mm wish it was as bleak and awesome as this. Yeah, despite the sex this story is still good. So, let's finish this sucka.
Posted on October 16, 2013 .