Bible Black Part 1

Yeah, like I have a choice. When you open a door, it's often hard to close it. The case of Bible Black is the same. One does not simply watch Bible Black and unsee it. Even the pictures you see on the internet make it impossible. Because the sick part is it drawn beautifully. Even if it's a shot of gentiles...or a shot. Point is I have to finish this story because at it's core it's interesting. But this time it's 6 episodes and a lot of sex. In porno that sounds standard but this hentai is like giving a kid over sugared Rice Krispies and letting him drive a go-kart. And these episodes are 25 to 30 minutes long so they cram as much fucked up images as they can. This isn't one pf those sick hemtai's from the 80's that mix cyberpunk or violent demon genres. Nope, Bible Black is it's own category.  Just a warning the words Rape and Anal will be used. A lot.

We start this hentai devoted to satanic worship, rated x violence and sex with scripture! Way to shame us hentai, no ones jerked off yet and we feel guilty.

"Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live...Every one that lieth with a beast shall certainly be put to death. He that sacrificeth to any god save to Jehovah only, shall be devoted to destruction." - Exodus 22:18-20

Jehovah? As in Jesus? As in that guy no one calls for in this anime? We get recap of the final scene of Bible Black Origins. A scene not seen until a year after this. See that's why I did it first. Reika Kitami makes a deal with Satan to live. And no it's not to borrow her DVDs at his leisure. Well twelve years later at the school everything is normal. I hope the police questioned someone in that school. A sex cult and teachers sleeping with students. Not to mention the thousands the cult made. Nope, it's twelve years later, birds singing.

Our hero Taki Minase is eating lunch and his childhood friend and Kurumi Imari complains he's eating without her. Spoiler, they fuck at the end. And if I ruined that for you my bad, you're an idiot if don't see that setup. Best friends who never slept with one another is standard in teenage drama's and horror movies.

Down the hall, student Mika Ito is standing at the door of school nurse Reika Kitami. Yes, she stayed at that school and became a nurse. And a Dr. Blight stand in. She ask if she has already eaten. Ito answers no, Kitami lunges forward and kisses Ito. Kitami then whispers an incantation in her ear. Ito goes numb and immediately gets turned on. Kitami then disrobes, revealing a penis that shoots out her vagina. ...because that's how that works. Imagine if you never saw that shit before. I have. Japan you got problems! Well skipping the sex the point of Kitami having a vaga-dick is so she needs to find an unspoiled body before the next night of Walpurgis. So raping the school girls in order to find a virgin is her way. Ok, a few questions. How long has she been doing this? And if so, this means the girls at this school are sluts. Not one virgin among them? I call bullshit.

We see Minase standing outside the school gym when the head of the student council Rika Shiraki walks up to him. This BLONDE JAPANESE GIRL confesses she hasn't been able to stop thinking about him since the previous day. Shiraki begs him to make love with her. So they have a very well put together sex scene. That saying something in this hentai!

 The only thing we get out of the ordinary is Minase saying in so many words he likes his girls to smell funny in the jammy area. Hey, this is normal compared to the shit later. While he's plowing Shiraki, Minase recalls what happened the previous day. Minase using the blood from her index finger, she draws the letter 'A' on a paper cut out shaped like a stick figure. On the other side of the classroom, student Kaori Saeki is flipping tarot cards and overhears Minase telling Murai that it is unlikely the charm he made will work. He then tells Murai she should secretly put the piece of paper in Asada's bag. Holding his hands over the paper, he recites an enchantment. Ten minutes later, Imari runs to Minase and shouts there is an emergency. When the two make their way downstairs Murai is getting nailed aganist the lockers, in front of Asada's sobbing girlfriend. Ha! Shiraki and her two assistants break up the scene. And Minase did the same spell on to Shiraki. Dirty pool old man. I would've done the same thing. Back in the gymnasium store room, Minase is having sex with Shiraki, who is now madly in love with him. Outside the door, Saeki eavesdropping, realizing Minase used a love curse to seduce Shiraki

  Oh did I mention that Shiraki is BLONDE JAPANESE GIRL!

Later that afternoon, Minase and Imari are in the art room. Sitting on a stool, Imari poses for Minase's sketch. She notices Minase has drawn her panties without telling her they were visible. I like Minase. How is it that I like a hentai character more than Naruto, Gene Starwind or Vash the Stampede? Their art professor Hiroko Takashiro walks in to see the two having a cute argument. Yup, the cult leadet who was raped by Devil Jin/Brian Pumper is in this school teaching too. How big is this town!? She said, seeing her two students together, she calls them the perfect couple. Hey Takashiro that's my job to state fact. Just up and keep the plot moving. Later as the couple leaves school, Kitami is observing Imari making a "Dat Ass" face. Takashiro stops this little trance until she is suddenly interrupted by Takashiro. As Kitami walks off she starts to question who Takashiro really is and suspects her to have magical abilities of her own. This would be seen as a plot hile but I'm giving it a pass. As the couple leaves the school Saeki was standing near the school gates. She walks up to Minase and requests to speak with him. Imari awkwardly says goodbye and runs off. Yes Imari, her boobs are bigger than yours. You have no power here.

While walking down the streets towards Saeki's house, she reveals to Minase that despite his denial of the existence of magic she knows he used it on Murai and Shiraki. Damn, killer Minase! She got to go! Minase walks into Saeki's bedroom to see dozens of magic books and artifacts are spread across the room. This scene would make Lulu from Final Fantasy wet. Saeki sits next to him on the bed and starts asking about his secret. They then talk about the magic club that existed twelve years ago at their school and the ritual that took place on Walpurgis Night. Minase claims he does not believe those rumors. Bullshit, that multiple murder was national news. But a few days ago he was in the schools basement. Where apparently no one cleaned or sealed in the last 12 fucking years! Again, what the good shit Japan! He loses his balance and falls to the floor, he notices an opening in the side of the stone pedestal. He pulls out a book wrapped in a thick sheet of cloth: it is the Bible Black. Minase gets up to leave and says he is not interested in Saeki's stories. Saeki starts spreading her legs and offering to pay for it. JUMP CUT TO IMARI! After her emo moment JUMP CUT TO SAEKI GIVING MINASE HEAD! Got to say hentai, you got the editing skills of me fucking up on Windows Movie Maker. Saeki is pure damn good, Minase finally breaks and reveals he has the magic artifact with him in his bag. Delighted, Saeki continues pleasuring Minase. Bitches, am I right fella's.

How do you reward a chick for giving you an amazing blowjob? Ike Turner that hoe! Minase drops her because she wanted to borrow the book. The words "fuck no" work too Chris Brown. He then tells her he would only show it to her, not lend it out. Saeki warns Minase to watch out, he's already possessed by a demon. How the fuck do you know!? When Minase returns home to an empty house,  and wonders where is his housemate and older cousin Yukiko. Or sister, it's Japan and she's hot. Either way Minase already whacked to her. Imari is still home listening to her Beanie Sigel albums in bed when she gets a call from Yukiko. She asked to cook dinner, and if I know my anime she either sucks at it or she fucking Julia Child.

So Imari runs to the store. Minase's doorbell rings and Shiraki, back for more. Just then Imari is coming home excited to cook for Minase. Hey, she's got will if nothing else. Back at Minase's, he's busy hammering Shiraki and don't hear the doorbell. Imari makes her way inside the house and walks up the stairs, wondering if Minase might have already gone to bed. That's breaking and entering!

Okay, I can't in words describe the shock on Imari's face when she see Minase...blasting off into Shiraki's face. And it's even harder to describe Minase's cumface.

The next morning at school, Kitami is banging a swim team member. She even scolds her for not protecting her virginity. Kitami, you have a 9 inch penis and a vagina, stop throwing stones! On the roof of the school you seen in every anime ever made, Minase and Shiraki were having a talk. Minase denies he's dating Imari and says she is just a friend. He then tries to make Shiraki understand how strange it is that she suddenly fell in love with him. But Shiraki takes this as if Minase is in love with Imari instead of her after all. Then she runs towards the edge of the roof and jumps off. And a question from all of us who saw the anime. HOW THE HELL DID SHE CLEAR THAT 7 FOOT GATE AROUND THE ROOF!? Shiraki is brought into the nurse's office and NOT TO A FUCKING HOSPITAL! Kitami tells Minase she merely fainted. What? Well it's true, she does not even have a scratch on her. Kitami says that Minase must have helped her using his magic, as she has heard rumors about it. Fuck!

Later that day, Saeki says she needs a favor from Minase. She asks Minase to join her and her friends at their meeting that same night. Minase walks off saying in so many words "He ain't bout that life". Down the hall, Takashiro, asks Minase him if he will come to the art club today. Seems that Imari didn't show up at school today. Then Takashiro tells him stay away from Kitami. Ah who cares, I'm going down to the school basement. Once again have a cleaning crew wash that place down. That's wasted space. Also how many schools in Japan come with a spooky empty room like that. What was it's purpose before that? Using a pocket lighter, he illuminates the blood stained room and suddenly hears Kitami's voice behind him. Damn, Takashiro was right. Speaking of which, if Takashiro is a teacher there, wouldn't she commisson a task force to renovate that room. Whatever. Kitami tells Minase of the good ol'days with cult and when she had no dick. When asked how he got the key for the basement, he admits he took it when returning the art room key. Kitami shows him she has her own key and claims she is the only one who knows what really happened twelve years ago. And she flat out tells him she's Satan's vassal and she wants to share her power. So she tongues Minase, saying he can't refuse her. Rape.

Next we see Kitami giving him head. Let's see this like Minase. In a span of 3 days he's gotten head from 3 different blonde chicks. After that she drools on his dick which is a spell that keeps him from cumming. That's all it takes? I have to think about Dragonball Z if I don't want to cum., it makes it worse if your asking. Well she fuck poor Minase and he can't do it. Ladies this scene is painful to watch. This porn has no moral code. After she let's him get off, which to be honest she should be plastered to the ceiling like Anna Faris in Scary Movie 1. Kitami says she will give him a lesser demon and offers him a contract to pledge his loyalty. Hey, you want it done, or want it done right. Hell needs to keep shit like this on record.

Minase arrives home and on his two feet I should add. If I shot out my life force like he did I would like a wheelchair. His cousin Yukiko meets him at the door and Minase suddenly starts rubbing her nipples and breast. Then tells her to wear a bra. That's your cousin Minase. That's some hillbilly shit man. She walks off and says nothing. Minase is left wondering to himself why he just harassed his own cousin. Good! nice were they Minase? When he checks up on her, she's masturbating on her bed. It hits him that Kitami made him a demon. Either that or Yukiko wanted that. The next day Saeki invites Minase to her club, but this time he says yes. Minase and Kitami arrive at Saeki's place, to met the three girls wearing cleric robes. It's like the world's sexiest D&D game going on in there. When Saeki sees Kitami, she demands an explanation. I would too is Meg Ryan's hot doppelganger showed up.

Kitami uses her witches to beat down the girls. It's a lame wizard battle on Harry Potter. It boils down "I am rubber, you are glue tactic. The best is when Saeki makes a shield like Urien on Street Fighter 3, only for Kitami give her a firm bitch please slap to the face. Now that the girls are subdued theres only one thing to do. Put the spell of instant horny on them and have you and your boy toy bang them. It's like Conan's idea of what's best in life, just skipping to the lamentation of the women part.

So, i dunno a week has passed and Minase is staring at his sketch of Imari. And give him credit, I would have gave her comcial large boobs. He's interrupted by Takashiro. She then inquires why Imari hasn't been at school for the last three days. Be glad she didn't drop out after that, have you seen that man's cumface? She ask is it because of his magic?  No you me Merlin? Luckily Saeki hits Takashiro with a stun gun. Later that evening, Minase stands outside of Imari place doing his best John Cucsak impression. But Imari ignores him. Well fucked that, jump cut to Takashiro taking it in both holes by waterhoses. ...why am I reviewing this?

Well that's the end of part 1...yeah, I'm doing this shit in sections. That was episodes 1 and 2, and it sets the tone to this madness. The good outside the of the animation is Minase. You really see it all from his POV. The story while unimportant is solid and easy to follow. The sex, its done well. A lot of repeat shots and odd  cutaways. Anyway...part 2 next.
Posted on October 14, 2013 .