Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 2

So MMPR Season 2…where to begin. Well for starters, Season 1 didn’t really have much of a finale. The last episode was a Zack focused episode where the rangers ended up fighting an oyster monster. Awesome as it was seeing Zack rocking the Green Ranger shield; it was a typical MMPR episode.

 The promo’s for Season 2 garnered some attention for two reasons. 

1. The season premiere was going to debut during primetime along with the X-men animated series which at the time was starting up the Phoenix saga 
2. We got a look at the new bad guy that was Lord Zedd.

                                                                              Just simply as badass design.

Rita Repulsa never came off as a threatening villain in my eyes. She was a petty bad guy that never really gained any traction of success. The closest she got was during the Green Ranger saga and even that blew up in her face. With Lord Zedd, we got an awesome ass villain who had an overarching plan of action from the start. Right out the gate in the premiere, he ousted Rita from power, gave the rangers problems with his own brand of putty patrollers, and took out the rangers old zords. In other words, he was effective. Now obviously the rangers got new Thunder zords, beat out the monster of the day, and won out but despite that setback, during the course of Season 2, Zedd had more goals in mind and he set his sites on the Green Ranger.
You see, Tommy at this point was still on a limited power supply with his powers and was getting consistent recharges from Zordon. Zedd knew this and from Episode 1 onward, he made it his business to consistently put the other rangers in danger to draw out Tommy and use drain his powers even more. On multiple occasions, despite thwarting the monsters, you knew the writing was the on the wall when it came to Tommy being a Power Ranger. So in the two parter, “Green No More”, we got the last hurrah of Tommy do what he does best and that’s kicking ass and taking names. There was also a subplot during those episodes where Zedd was trying to get his own evil Power Rangers but it didn’t exactly work it in his favor but hey Zedd actually managed to get his way and take Tommy out of commission.

*Sigh* *Facepalm* Thank God this didn’t happen
You got some subtle changes with the rangers this season from Billy actually being proactive in fighting outside the costume to Jason growing as a leader post-Tommy. There was an interesting episode where essentially Jason still feels guilty over the green candle situation from Season 1 and feels he failed Tommy as a friend and ranger. Episodes like that showed that a character like Jason gave a shit about his friends. But again, Tommy’s absence from the show was short lived and he came back again as the White Tiger Ranger and let me tell you, it was fun, exciting, and the anticipation of who it was, was at a fever pitch. The episode itself was too good and we ended up getting a pretty good zord fight out of it.

Need to touch on Lord Zedd’s putty patrollers for a minute. I initially loved them. They were tougher than Rita’s putty’s to be sure but then they had to give them the “easy to hit” z chest that makes them explode and they instantly turned to joke grunts. Don’t get wrong the special effects of them blowing up were fun but damn it was disheartening seeing that.

As the season progressed, eventually Zack, Trini, and Jason were phased out for new rangers Adam, Aisha, and Rocky. Now behind the scenes, the reasoning for those three leaving was because they wanted to unionize and get better pay. Not gonna dig to deep into that but that’s the gist of it. At any rate Adam, Aisha, and Rocky were a pretty good addition to show in that it kept things fresh. Speaking of fresh, Bulk and Skull this season went from being bullies to the rangers(HA!) to pretty much making it there business to uncover the rangers civilian identities. The majority of episodes this season found them trying various ways to uncover the mystery but it always failed but one episode in particular saw them see the ranger’s identities but due in part to the Monster of the day which was a kaleidoscope monster they lost all memories of it. Sad but funny.

Also as a side note, Lord Zedd obtained the Serpentera but as awesome as the mech was, you barely saw it in the show. Sad when you really thing about it.

At any rate, the season wound down to Rita Repulsa coming back and managing to marry Lord Zedd. A powerful couple indeed once we got to Season 3 but I gotta say it was baffling to see these two interact on the regular and yet it was funny for it. At any rate, the season finale was capped off with a two-parter called Wild West Rangers and it was another fun episode that really didn’t come off like a finale. It was pretty much Kimberly interacting with the ancestors of the rangers culminating with the ancestors transforming into Power Rangers with a Western flare. Nothing more to it than that.

Season 2 overall was fun to watch. We got a badass villain in Lord Zedd, fresh new characters, and the evolution of Bulk and Skull.

3Blackgeeks Rating-

Dee- B+
Cj- A
DjTsu- A
Posted on September 2, 2013 .