Summerslam 2013

Flying Elbow Drop- Summerslam 2013
It's been awhile but I'm to talk about the gayest sport in the world. Yet everyone not into the wrestling world seems shock to have a gay wrestler in today's world. I'll say it now. Good for Darren Young. It was bold and brave, it takes a real man to tell truth and not lie to himself. That also being said "I don't give a fuck". Honestly it doesn't. I know its a big thing, but we had homosexuals wrestling as for back as the 60's. This shit ain't new. All I can say is I hope there isn't a guy in the dressing room who has "I hate queers " tattooed on they're expression. And I don't know the whole story of Kanyon and its sad. But give WWE credit for this one. This is why pencils have erasers.

Speaking of erasers, this years Summerslam fucked up my whole intro. Damn it Vince, you choose now to give me a swerve? I had an  epic opening filled with smark sarcasm.  Now I have to kiss your ass. My God was this PPV satisfying. It suould be beloved by wrestling fans when WWE twist open this can of goodness.

United States Championship
Rob Van Dam vs. Dean Ambrose(c)
A very standard match. Rightfully in the place to be a preshow match. And you had to be blind not to have seen the fucking ending of this match. Shield comes in after a nice Frog Splash. As for in ring action, both men looked good.
Rating- C+

Ring of Fire Match
Bray Wyatt vs. Kane
This match wasn't bad...BUT...BUT...BUT...this did no favors for the young Rotunda. Beside the gimmick of the match being wasted, the match barely showed us the speed and power of Wyatt. And dare I say this bored me. But the biggest crime was the fire. Yes fire is hot and wrestling around it is a pain. But we got no payoff. But at least Kane is now a new member of the Wyatt family sex dungeon.
Rating- D

Cody Rhodes vs. Damien Sandow
Once again another solid match from Sandow. And we're still seeing more of the new growth of Cody Rhodes. Not much to say outside of it being shorter than you would hope. And it's great to see the Muscle Buster performed without Samoa Joe's fat flying around.
Rating- B-

World Heavyweight Championship
Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio (c)
This match was one of those mystery matches. Either it's gonna blow or it's gonna surprise you. The latter worked in this instance. Christian and Del Rio do share a legit understanding of each others style and proved that they can pull out a good match. Del Rio winning doesn't hurt Christian and it made him look good. At least for now.
Rating- B-

Natalya vs. Brie Bella one botched... and Nattie nailed the Sharpshooter. Life is grand.
Rating- D

CM Punk vs. Brock Lesner
This match had great build up and even bigger hype with both wrestlers being from the Heyman school of wrestling awesomeness. This match was intense. You felt every chairshot and every slam. Punk looked good. Brock was in shape or at least on the same speed as Punk was. It was full of drama and it kept you into it all the way. Heyman got his Bobby Hennen comeuppance. Flying Elbow Chair shot. F5 into a DDT. F5 on to a chair. Its hard to give this 5 stars...but...yeah. This match was damn good.
Rating- A+ (5 Stars)

Dolph Ziggler/Kaitlyn vs. Big E Langston/Aj
...I did see this match. I was busy playing Words with Friends and dealing with my kids. Why should I give a shit. I doubt I missed anything game changing. This whole match was building up to a Zig-Zag. Nothing more. All this was in reality "the match to give Dolph something to do" and "lets give the audience one last bathroom/snack break before the main event".
Rating- D for (I Dont give a shit! ...I hope that worked.)

WWE Championship
Daniel Bryan vs. John Cena
This was a fucking good match. The crowd was hyped and the atmosphere was wonderful. If you know anything about wrestling you should know a few things. Vince McMahon always wins and the IWC is full of butt hurt morons. The real beauty of McMahon is when he knows what the people want and how to piss us off, simultaneously. But first, the last 10 minutes of the match. Daniel broke out that NJPW bag of awesomeness. And Cena looked good too. No sarcasm, Cena looked great. Antonio Inoki got a nod with the chest slaps! Then the mat wrestling! Then you finish it with a KENTA knee to the face. Daniel Bryan is the champion. Now...magic. Orton comes out to  intimidate. Triple H spins Bryan 'round into a Pedigree. Orton covers and wins. Salt...salt everywhere. Perfection.  Why? Who's not gonna watch Raw after that. Bryan's fanbase tripled, McMahon swerved us, Orton is now a fulltime heel, and more importantly we get great wrestling from these two! No, no, I'm sorry. I should be mad that McMahon screwed someone. This is Montreal all over again. Oh shut up! Difference is Bret was screwed and Bryan sat down with officials before the match. This makes for great storytelling and will only benefit both men in the of all of this. As a seasoned fan since 1988, I approve of this.
Rating- A+(Not quite 5 stars) is Night of least we get to see the Intercontinental belt be put up.
PPV Rating- B
Posted on August 19, 2013 .