Tree of Might

Now were on movie #3, the Tree of Might! Or as they say in Japanese The Ultimate Battle for the Entire Earth. Glad to know its the entire Earth and not just a section. Old school DBZ fans have a love/hate relationship with this movie. (Old School meaning 1997 to 1998 during DBZ American syndication) The heads at Saban showed this movie in two parts, cutting out at least 13 minutes of footage, and it was heavily censored  To one up that they decided it was funny to fuck with the fans. They played this movie right after the first half of the Frieza saga was over. Then rerunning the first season. Making the fans believe the movie was canon. Well thank god for the internet and five minutes of research, because as soon as Cartoon Network brought the rights to air DBZ we figured this out.

The one note worthy thing about this movie is that its wonderfully animated, sometimes. While nature, the fighting scenes and another little things are drawn great. Facial expressions and people yelling looks freaky or just off model. The director of this movie was Daisuke Nishio, he directed the first two movies and The Return of Cooler Dragonball movie. I made this worthy of a note because, this movie looks like Hayao Miyazaki just was yelling "We need nature to convy heavy as hell symbolizm!". Don't get me wrong I love Miyazaki, but by the 55th minute in Princess Mononoke I was screaming "WE GET IT! MAN IS BAD!" This movie isn't as bad but Jesus. This is a series famous for Bulma showing little Goku her panties and Yamcha getting a "Heil Hitler" through his chest. 

We open up our movie in the woods. Oolong, Krillin, Bulma and Gohan are out there roughing it. I like how Gohan is dressed up like the worlds gayest looking jr explorer. That night shooting towards the earth was a satilite and it crashes into the Sherwood forest where our heroes are in. This causes a forest fire and the animals are running out the forest expect Oolong for some strange reason. A baby dragon caught under a tree. Gohan saves the little dragon from death, and I wish that thing died! Fans know why. Krillin and Gohan use their ki to blow the flames out in the forest. After flames stop the forest is brunt to a crisp and the animals have no home. So Krillin wanting to cheer Gohan up ask Bulma if she has her dragon rader. Thats right were gonna wish the forest back. Uh...why? Seriously, this seems like a wasted wish. Maybe wish for something else like a dome around earth to keep out bad guys or save the wish for something more earth shattering then a patch of fucking forest? They call on Shen Long and why is Oolong and Bulma still afraid of him? The eternal dragon never bit no ones head off yet. He's ask to heal that forest, even though I'm sure there several more in the world in that same shape. The forest is healed but the satilite that fell sprouts out llegs and scouts the land. Sending the info back to a lerking space ship.

The movie slows down for a minute to show Goku and Gohan taking a bath together. But then that baby dragon now named Icarus scares Chichi. Chichi chews out Gohan for having him as a pet while Goku sits there like the immature parent he is. Chichi tells Gohan to rid of the dragon. Chichi, the boy went on a journey looking for dragonballs yesterday, get off his back! Gohan tries to part with Icarus but it doesn't work. Shot it! Goku finds a spot for Icarus and Gohan to hang out at. Goku even made Icarus a bed and a bowl of fruit. I really hate Icarus, but thats some cool dad shit right there. I approve. Well after that Piccolo feels a distrubence in the force and so does Yamcha. That's right Yamcha! The bad guys show up to plant a seed in the ground. Well, more like flicking it into a casism. The seed with no water spouts and takes root into the earth. The roots latch on to the earth and grow. One of the branches hit Yamcha's new flying 1990 Nissan Sentra. Why a Nissan and not a Suzuki Dee. You know the offical car of Dragonball Z. Easy, I never seen a Suzuki car in America...forgive me.

At this point King Kai senses the tree. The tree starts wrecking a city...lets say East City. Not my fault this show doesn't give these cities real names. You know seeing all of this world destruction all I can think about is them wasting a wish a day earlier. Well back at Goku's house, all the Z Fighters outside of Piccolo and Yajirobi, Yeah I count Yajirobi! They gather around and have coco as Yamcha talks about how he lost his car. Bulma yells at him and everyone laughs. I must note, NO ONE SENSES THIS GIANT FUCKING TREE SUCKING THE ENERGY OUT THE EARTH! Even fucking Icarus feels it!! And he even tries to tell Gohan but Gohan is like "Duh, go home Icarus not now!". Also all of the animals have been going crazy. And the movie goes all Miyazaki with the animals dying and nature fading away. The fuck, "Earth Song" should be playing as I watch this. So finally King Kai reports this to Goku and the others a full hour after hundreds of thousands died. The Grand Kai of the Milky Way folks! Seeing how this is the Dragonball Universe they have contingency plans for this shit. The Dragon balls will help us...OH WAIT!

Well we finally see our villains  Goldo's purple twin cousins; Dragon Gate Japan pro wrestler CIMA if he grew his hair; Clayface's brother Frank; and alien Vulcan Raven. Our heroes make it to the tree and holy shit is it big. This also begins the "Tree of Might" drinking game. Take a shot every time Piccolo gets owned, a scouter breaks, someone's mouth stays open for more than a second and a half, nature dying and finally special moves are named. So the Z Fighters attack the tree but nothing, not diddly-dick. Then the villians come in and they fight. We get some cool shots from this part of the movie. Like Yamcha spazing out with his Spirit Ball, Goku being freaking Jesus and my favorite, Gohan owning someone with a Masenko. The Masenko! The Ferngully 2 of ki-blast. Speaking of which Gohan bumps into the black version of Goku. A Saiyan warrior named Turles. Now are he and Goku twins? Brothers? It's a movie, it doesn't matter. Turles, the brown-ish saiyan that made the Afro-American race happy. It's anime folks, Rule #2 : if you have a brown tan you're black.  

Turles dispenses with a bunch of exposition dialogue on the tree then Piccolo shows up. Then jobs Brooklyn Brawler style to a blast; at least he protected Gohan. Turles slams his foot on Gohan's head and then Gohan's tail pops out. Okay how?! Gohan had his tail cut off twice. We saw him naked in this movie and it wasn't there! He just grew it. Out of nothing. win movie. Turles throws up the moonlight blast and forces Gohan to observe it. I love how in like 20 seconds, Gohan is fully transformed. No pacing to that growth just boom, giant ape. So the plan is for Gohan to join Turles but he wants Gohan to kill Goku? I don't get this plan. Piccolo squares up with Turles again and gets his ass handed to him...... again! Goku can't stop Gohan and gets his ribs crushed. I like how Icarus shows up and calms Gohan down but the screams of his father don't affect him. Fucking kids. Turles fires at Icarus and Gohan loses it. Goku cuts off Gohan's tail and saves the boy from a 70 foot fall. Then the movie goes all Miyazaki on my ass.

Goku fights off all the sub-villians at once like it's nothing. Piccolo, not learning a lesson gets a Turles sized boot up his ass again. Miyazaki takes over and shows the earth dying before us. Finally, Goku and Turles fight. Turles is over powered and goes for the fruit. Then boom,

Super Cena Mode Activated! 

Turles out right beats the brakes off Goku for free. Goku even does a Kaioken 20x, which is bullshit and still gets owned! Turles then goes all "Kneel before Zod" on Goku and blasts the crap out of him. Ayo, Turles...kill him. Kill him now. Trust me, your gonna wish you killed Goku. I seen his track record. Then by the power of telekinesis Goku hears the Z Fighters to tell him to not give up and save the day. But he doesn't hear his wife. Lolz. The Z Fighters want to buy Goku same time to make a Spirit Bomb. Yeah, Turles puts these fools to sleep.

Goku makes the spirt bomb tosses it at Turles just for it to be shot back him. The Earth is doomed. Turles is left to wack off to his magic fruit as the earth turns into the world in "Book of Eli". Goku unknowingly gains power for the spirit bomb from the tree. Turles notices. Goku shows up one last time. Mexician stand off. Seriously no dialogue for like 50 seconds a true stand off. Minor note to all those who suck off Ocean Dub. This scene was ruined by dialog that never exsisted. Turles says fuck this noise, shoots a blast so large he breaks his own scouter. Goku throws the bomb and awesomeness! The Spirit Bomb hits Turles shooting him up the tree, killing him and the tree. The earth is saved. The tree breaks apart and returns the energy back to the earth. The cities are still gone but meh could be worse. Everyone has a party in the woods, the dragon hates Oolong and it ends with Piccolo by a waterfall shaming himself for being so usless in this movie. Oh yeah, we live like cavemen until the Dragon balls re-appear. Way to go Krillin!

That was Tree of Might. I remember this movie sucking a lot more when I was in High School. This movie is really good. A lot of DBZ Snobs roll their eyes at this movie and I have no idea why. I must add that I watched this in the new english dub and outside of Icarus' name and a joke or two its a perfect dub. As for everything else I can say this, Turles is a bitch and us as fans should stop acting like this guy is badass. Scott from Austin Powers is a better bad guy then Turles. And is Turles black? Seeing how the Japanese made this, what do you think?

3BlackGeeks Ratings-
Dee- B-
Cj- B
DjTsu- B-
Posted on March 20, 2013 .