Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Season 1

You know, as a kid I was always fond of superhero team shows and throughout the late 80's/early 90's we got them in droves. Whether it was Voltron, TMNT, Thundercats, SilverHawks, Gatchaman, etc... So I remember watching Fox kids and seeing a commercial for some new show and I knew immediately it …had to come from Japan. It showed some monsters attacking a city and all of a sudden they cut to a group of heroes in colored spandex costumes. This people was the promo for a show called Mighty Morphin Power Rangers.

I remember being excited by it because it was something that was different from what was shown on tv besides the usual cartoons so I was immediately hooked on the show from then on. Cut 20 years later and the show is STILL on the air and I'm still a fan. Nobody would've guessed that a series such as Power Rangers would last 20 years but then again the Japanese counterparts that its based off of has lasted over 36 years and running.

Season 1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers was a very cut and dry good vs. evil plot initially during the first handful of episodes. The sorceress Rita was released from her container and along with her minions( her general Goldar, the monster and putty maker Finster, the deadly Scorpina and the bumbling duo of Squat and Baboo) plot to take over the world. A wizard by the name of Zordon and his robotic assistant Alpha 5 decide to task 5 teenager with "attitude"(lol...that still gets me everytime) with the power to morph into a fighting team known as the Power Rangers. And who are these teenagers? Well lets break it down.

First up we got Jason, the Red Ranger. He's a goodhearted jock type character who's mainly into martial arts which will throw you off a bit because typically jock types in tv shows/movies are dicks. Next we got Trini, the Yellow Ranger. I know, I know she's Asian and she's the Yellow ranger, I got a good laugh out of that too. At any rate, Trini has a very calm demeanor and is an all around good nature person. Then there's Billy, the Blue Ranger, who pretty much is the stereotypical nerd of the series. Smart, awkward but he ends up being the tech guy of the group who on a number of occasions has bailed them out with that skill. Kimberly, the Pink ranger is pretty much the valley girl and last but not least we got Zach, the Black Ranger who represents that cool black guy everyone wanted to be. He was a chill guy and could dance his ass off plus he developed a form of martial arts called HipHopkido( not making this up).  Besides these 5 characters we also had the dynamic duo of Bulk and Skull who were the comedy relief of the show and dammit they were funny in a slapstick sort of way. They were the constant folly of the rangers and they were entertaining.
Now the early parts of the season went as followed. Some situation would happen to the rangers, Rita would send a monster/putties down to distract the rangers from said problem, rangers morph,fight, and defeat monster, and they somehow solve the problems at the end of the episode. Nothing complicated. Then we got a HUGE storyline called the Green Ranger saga and by God was it awesome. Now I've watched plenty of shows that had the heroes get beat down but man oh man, did the Green Ranger put a beatdown on this team and put them through the works.

The Green Ranger was a character named Tommy who much like Jason was a sort of easygoing Jock type who was heavily into martial arts. Rita kidnapped him and made him into the Green Ranger and throughout the 5 part mini-series, he wreaked havoc from destroying the Command Center to literally GTA jacking the Rangers zord. He was a force to reckoned with. But as with anything, he was able to be defeated and turned good again and joined up with the rangers.
Multiple episodes later though this team up would be short lived because Tommy's powers were being drained by Rita's Green candle. It was a pretty emotional roller coaster of episodes mainly because you were so invested in what was gonna happen to character. Hell, we even got a bad ass fight  between Tommy and Goldar. Eventually though the character lost his powers but give his residual amount to Jason to carry one the powers.
                                                   "Yes, this happened and it was awesome"

But again, you can't keep a Ranger out cause later Tommy comes back with his powers as the Green Ranger once more and rejoins the team.  Now initially, the show did have a sort of series finale with a two parter called Doomsday. It was pretty epic finale that had Rita's palace come down to Earth, the rangers being defeated and having to overcome obstacles in order to get back into the fight, and a resolution of sorts at the end. Eventually though, Saban commissioned more episodes so Season 1 got extended a bit.
Overall, the Season 1 of MMPR was a pretty good first outing. Despite the simplicity, the storylines that happened over the course of the season made for a damn good show. On top of that, the monster designs were interesting, you had a kinda sorta interesting bad guy in Rita( even though honestly she was a joke of bad guy lol), the fight choreography was on point, and the characters outside of the fights were fun to watch. 

3BlackGeeks Rating-
 Cj- A
Dee- A
DjTsu- A
Posted on March 9, 2013 .