Waist Deep

Waist Deep is one of those movies that's on the odd end of the spectrum of black movies. They don't make solid black action movies anymore. Or any in general that don't star Shamar Moore and Vivica Fox trying to over act each other. The plan for this movie was to remake the classic Warren Beatty film "Bonnie and Clyde". And I will say this in my snob voice; "Tyrese Gibson and Megan Good aren't the movie Gods Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway are ." If this is a sort of remake, I wanna know who's Michael J. Pollard.

"Bonnie and Clyde" my ass. This is more like 
"Raising Arizona" just not as clever.

And I think its fairly obvious that Tyrese is no H.I Dunnough.

Seeing as how Tyrese is the star in this movie, take a guess, take a wild fucking guess where this movie takes place! ...Houston? The hell? No! LA! Being type cast is one thing, but when its narrowed to a city, that's sad. Hell even super Jewish Billy Crystal was put into a different city. Tyrese plays an ex-gangster O2. He's a security guard that loves his son. So much so, that he leaves/quits his job to pick him up when no one else can. You can say, "oh he loves his son," I love my kids too, but if my son is at least 10 like this kid is, sit your ass in McDonald's until daddy gets done with his shift. He picks his son up and we get some I love you dialogue  Damn...can Tyrese act? Seriously, can he? While his son is playing with a Buffalo Solider action figure, we hear Michael Eric Dyson on the radio talking about crime in LA. Basically foreshadowing.
We then see sexy Megan Good playing a street hustler named Coco. I know, Megan Good with a stripper name, get over it. She tries selling O2 a suit, he says no and rides off but not before he throws his son in the back seat. But Coco was a distraction to slow up O2, cause he gets carjacked seconds later. O2 has the bright idea to fire at the two cars in traffic. Endangering innocent bystanders and his son in the backseat. Even chasing down the cars that are going about 60 mph! Dedication! He kills two of the carjackers in cold blood with plenty of witnesses. In all of this we get a shot of his son screaming "daddy". I know this is a movie but not one policeman? Oh I forgot its South Central LA. So after that O2 chases down Coco, with shaky cam and all! After he catches her we get classic Tyrese trying to act mode 1. That's screaming with a clinched mouth. He threatens to kill her but she tells him where the chop shop is. Lucky for them it was in walking distance.

O2 sees a car he likes so he sets it up to get running. A worker at the shop sees Coco and slaps the shit of her. O2 plays captian save-a-hoe and beats the shit out of the dude. Why? Many reasons but I think it was for the girls to get wet seeing Tyrese beat a man half to death. We find out that Coco is a hooker...sort of. Instead of fucking guys, she sells stolen suits and dresses. She even has a pimp named P Money. Coco needs 500 bucks or P Money will kill her. Please an ass that sweet, P will just slap her a few times or use a hot ass coat hanger. So we see O2's cousin Lucky played by the best actor in in this movie Larenz Tate. He's gonna die. What? How am I spoiling it? He smokes weed and he's the one who was supposed to pick up O2's son in the first place. He has "I won't survive this movie" written all over him. We then see O2 on the news killing a man, even getting his tattoo on the news. That doesn't come back to haunt him by the way. With all of this going on, what about Little Man? Well he's with a gang leader named Big Meat. Stop laughing! Big Meat is played by rapper and wannabe gangster The Game. Granted, his acting is better in this movie than in Belly 2. But it's like saying flat Pepsi is better than flat Coke.

Meat is introduced to us as he is hacking off a guys arm. His gang looks like the teenage gang members in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 1, without the bitchin' arcade machines and MC Hammer blaring in the background. Now all of this was Meat's idea. He stole the car and Little Man so he can extort 100k out of O2. We find out that he has to do so before Meat chops up Little Man into littler pieces. So they plan to steal from P Money's spot. The girl guarding these precious clothes is Kimora Lee Simmons? The fuck is she doing in this? Oh yeah, her then husband Russell Simmons was executive producer. Besides her being the hottest Asian MILF ever, she just name drops Baby Phat. Subtle movie. Anyway O2 robs the spot. Plan is to hit P's spot to make it look like Meat hit it and then hit Meat's spot to make it look like it was P. Solid plan. I like how in that next scene, 3 "gangsters" get shut down by one guy with one gun. So while ducking the onslaught of cops...well...... the three they saw on the road, O2 and Coco break into a house to "lay low" in. Bull, it's so they can play house and force exposition dialog. I ain't stupid.

Cops show up because O2 trips the alarm. Also, its an excuse for Megan Good to flash her wet tits. I approve. But yah know what? I want full frontal Megan! As long as you don't have weird Halle Berry nipples. So because I zoned out for a few seconds, they have knowledge of safety deposit boxes that Big Meat owns. Why does he have these in banks?! You're a petty gang leader, not Tony Montana! So Coco and O2 comically rob various banks in the greater Los Angeles area stealing Big Meat's jewels.... all of them.  After all of that they only have 45k a piece. Hey, I didn't say they were good at this. What about Lucky? This fool is getting slapped around by Big Meat. Stop Laughing! They have until tomorrow to pay up or Meat is gonna be on they ass. Stop Laughing! I failed to mention there's a protest to "Save Our Streets" all over the city. So...symbolism? We get a sweet moment of O2 telling Coco he would love to get her out the streets. With all this robbing and a day and a half of knowing one another she comforts him. BY FUCKING HIM! Well, can't say I disagree. But we before O2 can flip it over and bang it again Coco tells the story of her little man. Sadly he was killed in a gang crossfire. Great, now O2 has to comfort her, and knowing Tyrese it's with oral. I saw "Baby Boy".

Well Lucky is given the jewels and tries to sell them to Meat. In a scene that takes waaaaaay to long to get to the point. Meat wants to make the exchange in a dark lit alley. Seriously, I couldn't make out who was who in this scene. After a few words were exchanged everyone starts shooting. A couple people die, Lucky eats a bullet, and O2 gets a one liner before shooting the shit out of Meat. Personally I would have beat Meat. Aaaaand Rimshot! Little Man is safe but Lucky is dying. So instead of getting him to a hospital they go all Predator 2 with him in a gas station bathroom. So as they go to Mexico to evade the police, Lucky dies. Wow, no shit! I guess Metal Gear Solid 3 heal mode isn't equal to Ben Carson. O2 freaks out and goes nearly off road. After which not just one, but every cop in lower California begins chasing him. Then Coco says the title of the movie. Wonderful. Now use "Action-Packed Thrill Ride" in a sentence. They duck into a car garage and they split up. O2 does the "I'm a good daddy" bit and goes his way. As O2 is playing cat and mouse with the cops he is on the phone with Coco. He tells her he loves her. Awwww, then he drives off a bridge?? Our brave hero???

So time passes, Coco and son are living in Mexico, thank god for illegal passports and papers! Her and Little Man are dressed up like they're gonna be in a Boyz II Men video. And out of nowhere on the beach is O2. Uh...HOW? When did South Central gangsters turn into US Navy Seals? Well Tyrese was in Annapolis. And that's the movie.

This movie...this movie ain't bad. I really wanted to hate this movie but it wasn't bad. The action was good, it kept my attention, it was shameless at times, and the story for the most part was good. I compare this to the D.O.A movie, the fuck did you want this movie to be? Tyrese has a gun, Megan sticks out the twins, Larenz Tate pulls in a good performance that wasn't called for, and The Game is still a laughable gangster. This movie is not really good, but its worth a view. I do think if this was a straight to DVD movie it would be respected more.

3BlackGeeks Rating-
Dee- C+
Cj- C
DjTsu- C+
Posted on February 6, 2013 .