2012 Black History Month Recap

Last year the 3BlackGeeks put together a Black List. A list of Black actors and characters important to Black geek culture. And I have to say our fans who are mostly white people loved the list. It was up on our buddies site "Horribleplace.com" but I'm pretty sure its been turned from a Cult Movie forum to S&M site. So here's last years list.

Feb 1- Carl Weathers
Feb 2- Jim Kelly
Feb 3- Neshell Nichols
Feb 4- Taimek

Feb 5- Hakeem the Machine
Feb 6- Richard Ayoade
Feb 7- Harlem Heat
Feb 8- Fred Williamson

Feb 9- Yoruichi Shihōin
Feb 10- Jax
Feb 11- Ernie Hudson
Feb 12- Token Black

Feb 13- Dudley
Feb 14- Zoe Saldana
Feb 15- Michael Wright
Feb 16- Piccolo

Feb 17- Cleavon Little
Feb 18- Billy Blanks
Feb 19- Elena
Feb 20- Kid N Play

Feb 21- Storm
Feb 22- Ron O'Neal
Feb 23- Papa Shango/Godfather
Feb 24- Tiny Zeus Lister

Feb 25- Tony Cox
Feb 26- Monica Calhoun
Feb 27- Gemini
Feb 28- Walter Jones

Go to our facebook page to check out our list for 2013.

Posted on February 1, 2013 .