Survivor Series 2012

Survivor Series sucks. 

To be honest outside of the gimmick of 4 on 4 combat (now 5 on 5) and it being centered around Thanksgiving, it always sucks. Now yes we had some good matches but how is this PPV one of the big four. Easy. The words "In Your House" wasn't slammed on to the beginning of the title, and it was one of the first four. Well big fat hairy deal. You wanna know the worst Survivor Series match I ever saw? Edge vs. Triple H vs. Vladimir Koslov. I had a boil removed from my inner thigh that was less painful. Then I had some Triple H hater who had the balls to blame Vladimir looking bad on Triple H. Yeah, no offence to Vlad the non-seller, but he was only in WWE to become a citizen of the United States. But I'm off base this is Survivor Series and it's 2012. We have hype and not that lame hype of last year with Cena/Rock as a duo vs. The Awesome Truth. Tell me at what point did you think that Super Black and Real World Miz was gonna beat Super Cena and Hollywood Dwayne? Whatever. I will say this Cena vs. Ryback vs. Punk actually looks better. One reason, Paul Heyman is Punk's manager!

Let the shenanigans run wild!

The rest of the show was booked as solid as WWE could do. Granted WWE has been taking "risk" in booking but nothing to daring that make a jaded Attitude Era fan happy. Yeah like TV-14 made the booking better. Anyway I'm proud to say this was the first PPV I saw in its completion with my 3 year old son. I also figured out why he likes Layla. Because he was upset when the divas match came on and then asked for her. Sure he doesn't know wrestling skill but the boy knows as sweet ass. Also my 4 year old nephew was watching, studying moves. That kids gonna wrestle in Japan one day. Or Mexico. Anywhere where his mic skills are meaningless. He talks like the "God Pidgeon" from Animaniacs.

The Youtube Preshow

3MB (Heath Slater & Jinder Mahal)
Team Co-Bro

Good God this is beneath...well no one. I find it funny how this group is still not excelling McIntyre's career in WWE. Maybe it will work I dunno. Santino and Ryder on teams is basically Vince or Triple H being a douche. Telling them that they're a joke. Ryder the once super over beloved Mid-carder and Santino who is still over with surprisingly a lot of people. Both told to put over these three. Just gonna say it. Book The Uso's more. Oh yeah the match was bland.

Brodus Clay, Justin Gabriel, Tyson Kidd, Sin Cara and Rey Mysterio
Tensai, Primo & Epico and The Prime Time Players

This match for me was nice. Very nice. I like a bunch of these guys. Gabriel and Kidd are so ready for a title run, a great high flyer and mini-wrestling dynamo. I turn into a 5 year old when I see Rey Mysterio. I respect the fuck out of Giant Benard (Tensai for you gaijins) and wish there was a way he could get over in America. I think the Colon's over super underrated. And I don't like the wrestling skills of the PTP's but I could see them kicking serious ass in a year or so. The match was great, seeing how Clay was out early leaving the crusier weights to win. I got to say I think if this was the 90's, Titus O'Neal would be a star by now. I liked how Tyson Kidd, given the moment wow's the fuck out of the crowd. And that finish was awesome. Great opening match.

Eve vs. Kaitlyn

I hate the Diva's division. It makes me glad that Beth Phoenix, Kharma, and Sara Del Ray aren't there wasting their talent. Because every time I think the booking will get better, they shit on it with these lame stories and heels straight out of a three rate comic book. Emperor Palpatine in the Star Wars Prequels was less goofy than Eve. This whole thing of her beating down Kaitlyn is God awful. And like Kaitlyn but dude tell me why is she wasted! Yes Eve has improved with her in ring ablity but who gives a shit! She's a rip off of at least 3 TNA Knockout's with a tenth of their charisma! I miss Michelle McCool. Yes she was annoying as shit but come on. With McCool she earned it! Eve was handed the belt the same way Torrie, Candace or Ashley got it. Vince wants to bang them. Rants over, fuck that match.

Antonio Cesaro vs. R-Truth
For the United States Championship

This match pissed me off. A few reasons. It felt like Truth was put in because WWE had nothing better for him to do. This match felt like it should have been on WWE Main Event or on Raw. The build up was rushed. And finally it makes Cesaro look like he can draw. Its not his fault most people don't like him nor is it WWE's fault. It's one of those weird things that the fans control.

Sheamus vs. Big Show
For the World Heavyweight Championship

This wasn't as good as their match at Hell In A Cell. Only two things I enjoyed. Sheamus hitting the Eletric Chair on Big Show. Sheamus is stronger than Ryback. I said it. Also I enjoyed Sheamus going Atittude Era with the chair shots at the end. Only problem with that was WWE thinks I'm stupid. Sheamus doing that was WWE's way of saying next month's pay preview is booked.

Filler Crap...........

Oh yeah this goose shit. You know what, fuck this story. This has nothing to do with this being a copy of a TNA storyline, I couldn't careless, this shit happens in wrestling all the time. But the fact it takes up time on Raw, thank God it's 3 hours now. Plus it's boring. It's Vicki yelling and Aj acting like a psychopath. But it's Aj Lee! We got to keep her face out there. Keep the 10 to 19 year old's wacking off to her; guys my age looking to marry a girl like her; and men 37 to 55 having American Beauty fantasies about her. And no. I'm not gay! I just don't act like Aj is the sexiest thing walking in WWE. That's Heath Slater.

Dolph Ziggler, Damien Sandow, David Otunga, Wade Barrett and Alberto Del Rio
The Miz, Kofi Kingston, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Randy Orton

Similar to how Money In the Bank is booked, one match will always be stronger than the other. And for some reason its the one with less that's the better one. This was the stronger one and it felt...not boring but not fun. At least for me. We did see everyone pull off a few spots. Shocked how Miz was the poster boy for this PPV and didn't get the final major pin. Speaking of which I'm taken back on how Dolph nailed Orton in the face with the "Ryu from Street Fighter" style mule kick. I did see several of the future WWE stars wrestle. (Kofi, Barrett, Sandow, Ziggler and Danielson). Oh yeah, I knew somehow Foley was gonna break out Socko. Love Foley but I think Orton said it best in the backstage segment early that night. "...I hate you."

CM Punk vs. John Cena vs. Ryback
For the WWE Championship

The match was better then I predicted. I knew Punk was going to win off the sheer fact him and The Rock have been twitter-beefing and it's hype for when Rock comes back and Vince hands this nigga the belt because he fucking got it like that. But of course the IWC geek in me came when I saw fucking Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins on TV!!! Now the big plus is that Vince jerked off the internet nerds. Big minus, everyone else is like ...okay...who are they. And I respone "The greatest CZW Champion and one of the Ring of Honor greats!!!" Yeah I marked. On to the match, it was a really good Raw main event match. That was the problem. Not a lot of Cena v Ryback action. I did love how Punk and Cena was like fuck this dude and beat down Ryback. Ryback got over well, Cena kinda looked weak (and it matters how you feel about him if its good or bad). Punk looks like a snake. Heyman is God. Everyone wins! Oh yeah, Roman Reigns was with Ambrose and Rollins...but no one cares.

This PPV wasn't bad, but its not worth the price of buying it. I stream because all wrestling should be free. I give WWE credit, it was better than face value. And seeing how Ryback looked good, no IWC are bitching, it's all good. I just pray Vince doesn't give Rock a belt and let him beat some active wrestler. I know it's skipping ahead but WWE set that shit up in August! Well, its good to see the Tag Division is making a comeback. Also, JBL spoke like a true wrestling god! Pissing off Cole and being JBL.
  God bless you Layfield!

3BlackGeeks Rating-
Dee- C+
Cj- C+
Posted on November 22, 2012 .