House Party 4

How do you sap the soul out of a movie franchise? That's easy, find one that's dying and give it the ol' Mortal Kombat finishing blow. Oh yeah, because House Party 2 and 3 are perfect! The 3BlackGeeks did Kid'N'Play month so no real big reason to go into it. But the series was slowly going down. The second had its moments but the tone and the comedy was nowhere close to the first one. The third one wasn't anything special outside of Bernie Mac being hilarious. So, years later Chris Stokes decided to make another House Party in the same way a farmer would put buckshot in the skull of a broken legged horse. Chris Stokes, Jesus I question how the fuck he keeps getting work. Not in the music industry, he's had several great acts and wrote some good songs. I'm talking as a film maker. His dance movies and his horror movies. He's the black Uwe Boll! Don't believe me, watch one of his several horror movies. I seen some B Grade black movies, but his are at a D grade. Its just so happens Marques Houston and Omarion are tied down to him. Its like Chris Stokes caught them raping a small child and them doing his shitty movies are a way to keep him quiet.

The movie opens with Marques Houston as Jon Jon in the bed. His mom played by Kym Whitley finds him playing sick, but she's the worlds dumbest mother and she believes him. Now here's the deal, his uncle has a nice big house and he's leaving town. He convinces his mom to let him house-sit, which his sister was gonna do at first. This works and his sister goes to school pissed knowing he's up to something. Now I know that sounds okay enough but if you watched this it's so confusing. So Jon Jon makes it to his Uncle Charles house faking sick. His Uncle warns him of having a party and tries to be funny all while over acting like Jamie Foxx. But unlike Jamie Foxx there is no acting ability. So his Uncle leaves and Jon Jon calls his boys over. And it's Mark and T. You would think with 2 people from the last House Party movie they would make some kind of connection. Thank God they don't, it's bad enough "House Party" was stapled to this piece of crap.

As his boys eat everything in house, Jon Jon dresses up like a woman to get his girlfriend out of school. This raises up too many questions. ...okay I'll ask. 1) Why not call her ahead of time and tell her to skip school. 2) Why dress up like Bugs Bunny to fool someone. Makes no sense, Your Clearly A Boy In Drag! 3) If getting her out of school was a problem, run in and then run out with her. It's high school and I'm pretty sure she's a senior. They leave early all the time! Well they do this and get his girlfriend Tina played by Meagan Good. While this is happening, Jon Jon's sister knows there's something going down but no one believes her. The really has no bearing on the plot but trust me there's a reason she's acting like Candace on "Phineas and Ferb".

So they go back to house, Jon Jon gets the idea to invite all of his Uncle's music connections. Such as Puff Daddy, Missy Elliott, and others who are waaaaaaaaayyyyyy above a shitty film. Well no, Ginuwine belongs in a shitty film to match with his career. We get to see Meagan Good in a swimsuit...and...I'm sorry I think she's trying to save the movie. If so, stop sweetie it died the second we saw "Batman" in drag. Jon Jon let his dumb ass friends drive his Uncle's Benz. In doing so they bump the car into a stereotypical Korean couple. The scared husband hands them 2 grand because he's afraid they were gonna rob him. Okay, who carries that much on him! As they return with the car scratched, the tow truck driver...oh fuck you movie! The driver is Chris Stokes attempting comedy. Chris, if your comedy is anything like your directing skills ...wait there the same. Anyway, he'll fix the mark only if he shows his twin daughters a good time. Okay people take your pick A) Their Fat B) Their Crossdressing Men C) Their Shockingly Hot D) Their A Raccoon.

So in a movie that is an hour and nineteen minutes long, when do you think the party will start. Ballpark it, give a good guess. You got it? Okay then! 43 Minutes! You wait 43 MINUTES! Here's the most insulting part of it to, you only see a total of 12minutes of the party because of the subplot. Oh yeah the subplot, if it wasn't for this movie the movie would probably would be only 37 minutes long. This plot follows Uncle Charles who is scared of flying. So we see him trying to act scared and a bunch of unfunny shit happens. The plane almost crashes but makes it to Miami. Somehow in the airport, his mom who was travelling with him gets lost. She meets up with a odd white guy who drives a taxi. The guy gets her ripped on booze and we find out he's a serial killer. Charles pissed off wants to go back home. So they get on a by-plane and make it back to LA in less than 3 hours! Got it? Good! Cuz it doesn't progress the story!

Oh yeah I forgot, Jon, T and third one have a singing group with a guy rapping with them. Forgot, God forbid we forget Immature can sing, better put those voices to good work. Oh yeah Chris Stokes daughters are the Mixon brothers in drag. Don't know who they are? The fat boy from Old School and Hercules from Nutty Professor. And sadly, THEY'RE THE ONLY PEOPLE REMOTELY FUNNY! Oh yeah Jon Jon's sisters story arc. It seems she was mad because they didn't invite her but in reality she was. She just took it that way and everything is all good. And I think the boys get signed...I don't know this movie stopped telling a story an hour ago. Oh boy Uncle Charles is back and will be home in an hour. Skipping the bullshit they make it. The house clean and in order nothing wrong. We end it with Jon Jon and sister laughing breaking the 4th wall saying "Sequel" ....AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Fuck this movie!

This movie was horrible. I know this was straight to vhs and take it as face value but no! This movie wasn't House Party! It was barely a movie. Only twice I laughed and it was because I was reaching. This movie wasted talent and wasted time. House Party 3 was bad, but you know what it gets a passing grade now. And you know what, whoever makes the next House Party you better not make anything this bad or the ghost of Robin Harris will rise and skull fuck them!

3BlackGeek Rating-
Dee- F
Cj- F
DjTsu- F
Posted on November 13, 2012 .