Bible Black Origins

I'd like to wish my buddy DjTsu a Happy 28th Birthday and I am preparing for the cane you'll give me for my 30th next year. Hey Tsu here's some shit for you man, it's been 10 years now look at us. Enough of that..... on to the review.

Hentai...okay if you're still there, you been warned. In being a fan of anime, 6 outta 10 times you will have seen a hentai. Whether it be animated or doujin. And if you have seen it, then 5 to 10 says you watch it on a regular basis or more than most. If you don't know what hentai is, go on Wikipedia and get a long winded answer.

Don't Worry I'll Wait

Back? Ok. Lemme make it blunt, it's anime porn. It gets weirder. The range it has is unlimited. Any anime, pick one, there's a picture of them fucking or getting fucked. It gets weirder. In Japan, pedophilia is down compared to America. Studies say because "Lolicon" or little girl hentai, the pervs jack off to that and don't touch a little girl. That's amazing, smart, odd, sick and dirty all at once! And lolicon is popular as hell even crossing into mainstream anime by over sexualizing the girls. And I'm not talking about 15 to 18, no, fucking 7 to 10! 

I swear Tsu when you get back to America, I'm dumping a vat of rubbing alcohol on you and chasing it with holy oil!

So this review is on a hentai I actually like. No shit, I'm blown away by how intrigued I got watching this. Knock out all the sex you got a decent thriller/drama on your hands. A cult, lesbians, betrayal, rape, mystery and murder. Hell, people consider the series better than most anime and I don't blame them. For those who don't know Bible Black is an erotic PC video game published in July 2000. Sei Shoujo is the original creator of the games artwork, character design and penned the original script for the game. Milky Studio adapted the game into several hentai. The first adaptation, simply titled Bible Black, consisted of six episodes animating numerous scenes from the video game. A two-episode OVA titled Bible Black: Origins as a prequel to the events of Bible Black. And Bible Black: New Testament, which takes place ten years after Bible Black takes place. So I rather go in the order I saw it in. Origins and then Bible Black. I haven't see New Testament but I'm sure I won't have to.

So twelve years before the world's greatest hentai we see two female students doin' it after school. I wish some of the newer anime today had that kind of motivation. The lovers are Nami, class president bitch number one with a bullet and her lover Junko. As they do scissors, I have to say this, this animation is incredible. I'm not even bullshitting. The animation alone is on par with the greatest anime ever made. In another classroom, Hiroko and her two best friends Rie and Saki are reading Tarot cards. "Great change is upon you. Something will change your life, completely." Ms. Cleo...I miss you. Soon, Nami interrupts the girls' reading, and ridicules them for their interest in Witchcraft. Hiroko warns Nami to be fearful of it. Nami has the perfect look her face that says "Yeah, whatever bitch". The next day, the school receives a new transfer student named Reika Kitami. She's a beautiful BLONDE JAPANESE GIRL! Fucking Japan. She's cute and naive but that's the weak writing of anime. I don't care if it's porn I need truth in this!

Elsewhere in every white guy's fantasy of Japan, Rie finds the titular Bible Black in an antique store. It's a Japanese antique store, old famicom cartridges, old samurai gear and tools of Satan. Rie shares this with Hiroko and Saki. They wants to start a fucking Witchcraft club. Nami denies them, not because she's a bitch, but because she hated the movie "The Craft". Nami takes a strong interest in Reika, because she's....I dunno, lesbian? She tries to flirt with her in the bathroom later that day. Lucky for Reika she's so dumb she just ignores it. So Reika doesn't return a lesbian wink back at Nami? Okay, step two for Nami is rape. Because, I dunno... lesbian?? After school, Nami offers to tutor Reika. Its all well and good until Nami ends up fondling her. Nami is rejacted again! Really?

Because of this something sick happens. Me and my boy Tsu are split on this, I'll get to that later. Yeah, we discuss hentai and storytelling. It's our past time! 

Hiroko and her friends begin to translate the Franco-Latin-Hebraic text of the Bible Black. Wait, what the fuck was it doing in a Japanese store in the first place? This is to get revenge on Nami. Kind of extreme if you ask me. The girls go after her lover Junko.

This next scene is fucking legendary. The spell they cast causes Junko to masturbate in front of the whole school in the middle of giving a speech. I know people have their hang ups with hentai, and that's understandable. But not only is it well animated, the Japanese voice actress is dead on, the English dub is decent too, and its funny as hell. It's genuinely hot. One thing that makes me laugh is the fact nobody moves in the auditorium until she's finished. That means students, faculity and even a parent who came to see their kid on stage, just saw a girl cum on stage. I mean, in real life, who would? Because of this the Trio gains several followers. Live sex shows will do that for you. One day after school, Hiratani, an "ugly as pennies in an atm" schoolboy who is obsessed with Nami ask the girls place a spell on Nami to be truly in love with him. They do so, cause I would too..... I wanna see Halle Berry bang Bushwick Bill of the Geto Boyz! The next day Nami sees Hiratani and begins to flirt with him. Bitches. Later they fuck in the Student Council Room. Talk about dirty politics. Hiroko, Rie and Saki become Queens of the school and everyone hires them for magic, even a few teachers. And of course they make money!

Nami, still in love with the Japanese Marlon Wayans goes to Hiroko and her friends begging them to use their magic to make him love her forever. Hiroko does it but only if Nami gives the three girls a place to practice their ceremonies in. Why not a park, or a apartment building? You got money, use it! Nami lets them use an old abandoned room in the school. Convenience! Hiroko agrees to cast the spell but in boss fashion she reverses the spell on Nami, causing Nami to realize she sucked an ugly guy's cock! The next day, Nami orders a group of thugs to beat the shit outta Hiratani. Nami, it doesn't matter. He still had anal sex with you. So now Nami starts to pursue Reika again. Even Keith Sweat style begging to get her to have sex with her. All this in order to "purify" her body of Hiratani's scent. Do it all you want Nami. You still sucked his cock and swallowed. Reika to finally slaps Nami making Nami now more unstable! 

The girls are now called Rose Cross. I have a "She-Devil" joke for that but it ain't funny. Nami somehow gains Hiroko's trust and she allows her to join their club. They plan to summon Satan himself. Damn really? That's a bit hardcore girls... They need a test before they move onto a full human sacrifice. Seriously, you have to kill someone to get Satan? I thought this group was about the sex? They decide to summon a demon, in order to get Satan on their side. For the sacrifice, they slaughter a puppy that Reika had befriended. A fucking puppy! However, the ritual goes horribly wrong and they summoned Big Jim Slade! Seriously a demon shows up and goes Lexington Steele on Hiroko.

Tentacle sex...not a fan

The demon raped her so bad they had to send her to a hospital. I would too if Shane Diesel banged me in every hole!

"Walpurgis Night", the night of magic or some shit, is fast approaching. Nami, in the dumbest of power vacuum, takes over as leader of Rose Cross. So on the day of "Walpurgis", she decides to use Reika as a virgin sacrifice this will open the Gates of Hell. Hentai! She has her thugs kidnap Reika and take her to a building. They even show the carcass of the puppy again. I get it, Fido is dead! And fuck you Tsu you cat loving piece of shit! Nami allows the thugs to rape Reika while she and the group prepare for the ritual. Wow nice of her to direct that to them. But she tells them that they can only engage in anal intercourse with Reika, in order to keep her virginity. Really, she's ordering them to rape a young girl anally?

 Japan I'm sure you know this but you're fucked up!! 

However, the thugs soon grow bored and begin to have vaginal intercourse with her anyway. I get no joy in this scene and if you spring a boner this scene, I'm calling the cops!

Hiroko wakes up in the hospital after having a nightmare that Peter North and Jack Napier combined dicks and fucked her. She realizes that it is already "Walpurgis Night". She rushes back to the group and urges them to stop using magic, saying that its power is far too strong for them to handle. Hiroko...they sat there and watched you get raped by Ron JeremyDingo. I'd say fuck'em if they wanna keep using it. Nami tells two of the girls to throw her into a closet until the ritual ends. To make it better its Rie and Saki who do it. As the ritual begins, they chant several spells as naked Reika is in the middle of the circle. She's then finally stabbed with a large sword several times by Nami as the sacrifice. But Reika isn't a virgin any more. The Gates of Hell react, but they do not open. The group slowly becomes terrified as they realize that they murdered Reika for nothing. So if Satan showed up just to say Hi and leave, you'd still have a dead body you're Japanese school girls! Isn't there an A student among you with an exit strategy?

Nami, like a loon demands more blood in order for the Gates to open. She goes into a murderous rage and kills everyone! The Gates finally begin to open, Nami dropping her sword, begins to deliriously chant to Satan. It's Satan Nami, you have to sing "Sister Christian" to him, he'll join, and you two will be friends. But she is interrupted when Reika, who is barely alive, grabs the sword and stabs her several times in the back until she's dead. Thats for killing a puppy you bitch! Oh yeah, and the brutal rape! Reika falls to the ground in front of the Gates, I hope Rico Strong or Derek Skeeter don't show up and gangbang her. Satan sees that she is frightened and dying and asks her if she wants to live. His deal is he will let her live if only she gives him her soul in return. Uhh, Japan your thinking of Jesus. Satan can't do that unless its a long ass dream like in Devil's Advocate. That's the extent of his power. So Reika reluctantly accepts. Hiroko, after all of this managed to free herself, hurries down to the basement, only to find that the ritual had ended, and that the members of Rose Cross have been savagely slaughtered. We end all of this with Reika, naked and bloodied from head to toe roaming through the town at dawn.
Evil Dead had a better ending but this one has tits! 

I actually like this. Sure it is full of dark shit but I'll it admit it draws you in. Like I said the animation is nice, the story is pretty damn good and yes the sex scenes are the best in hentai. Down side? Rape and a dead puppy! Well soak it up. I ain't doing another hentai. I think I need to read "The Lords Prayer" 7 times and say Hail Mary 55 times. And I'm not even Catholic!

3BlackGeeks Rating-
Cj- Animated boobs are sick!
Dee- A-
DjTsu- A-
Posted on September 19, 2012 .