Belly 2- Billionare Boyz Club

How the hell is this a movie!?
Belly 2- Billionaire Boys Club. 

In the words of Nelson in The Simpsons episode "Bart On The Road"; "I can think of two things wrong with that title".  You might as well say "Belly 2- the Baby Sitters Club". Spoiler: there's no club and no billions! I'm sorry IMDB, "Million Dollar Boyz Club" and fuck that title too. For those who don't know the movie "Belly" it goes like this. "Belly" was Urban drama made by video director Hype Williams and written by rapper Nas. The film was panned by most critics for its vision and sporadic storytelling but praised Williams, the final message and some of the acting. It became a instant cult classic and is considered to be one if not the greatest hip hop movies ever made.

Now what happened? Well, there are several stories on the title of this movie. Nas hyped up a sequel to Belly even claiming to have a finished script. But Hype Williams wasn't behind the project. Years later Hype was, but Nas was busy rapping and DMX was in trouble with the law. DMX a year later claimed the sequel would be called "Beast" but again nothing. The rapper "The Game" finished making a movie based on someone else's life (I'll get to that later) and the movie was called Billionaire Boys Club. But the studio or whomever was in charge called it "Belly 2- Billionaire Boyz Club" It's out right not a sequel and I don't think there's a "finders keepers" law in movies.

This movie doesn't even try to be good. The Game can't act. Hell he can barely talk. I'd probably be the same if the love of my life left me on "Change of Heart". Look it up on Youtube, its hilarious. The other thing that pisses me off with this movie is it's soundtrack. I'm sure the artists in the movie do have a defining sound or they're friends with Game but they suck. They're so generic "gangsta rap" I'm sure their lyrics are paint by numbers. And it doesn't cut off. It's like a shitty NES game, the music laces this whole movie. Kenny Snyder wrote this (grunt) movie. A guy who wrote 2 episodes of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, an episode of the Jamie Foxx show, The Keenan Ivory Wayans Show and The Lyricist Lounge Show. And trust me, he fucked up making this movie!

Well we open up on the knowledge that this movie was inspired by a true story. Go fuck yourself movie. We see G(The Game) leave jail determined not to go back. Okay, sounds good enough. After a few days bullshitting somethings become obvious to us. GAME CAN'T ACT! Jesus the walls in his room are out acting him. He goes to a job interview and I swear, Loc-Dog in "Don't be a Menace" would get hired at Long & Foster as a CEO before ANYONE would hire this man. And the generic music. Shit! He meets up with his boy Tone played by a good thug actor Michael Williams. I cried knowing that Omar from The Wire was in this movie. Also fellow rapper WC is in this movie. I guess this is because Goldie Loc was being in jail. We even get a scene where G said he seen some "G-Unit" members and he robbed then. Even calls them scared ass bitches. 3 year old son would roll your ass. 

Well there's a subplot because this movie is a movie.......... I guess. It's about the Feds investigating a local drug dealer named Tito Costa. Shari Headley from "Coming to America" plays an undercover agent named Alexis. So G gets back with Tone and starts dealing drugs again. Game still fucks this up by coming off as one of the worst gangsters in a hood movie. Christopher Duncan in "OG" had more presents then this shit head! After strong arming and making waves. G is a drug lord apparently. Owning nothing! This gets Tito's attention. There is a disturbance in the force a fake rapper wants to be "real". The feds send Alexis and I think the guy from 48 Hours to keep an eye on the "Dangerous" G. A Scarecrow is more frightening.

The rest of this (smacks teeth) movie, gets to be all to familiar. Alexis somehow hooks up with G and follows him everywhere. They share a few moments and I can't tell if Game is acting or trying make sandpaper jealous. With all of the "gangsta" shit going down this makes Alexis wet. Oh what woman can resist?? The sex scene is infamous. Tanya Harding had a more appealing sex scene! I mean thats what was missing in this movie. Game thrusting Lisa McDowell! She lets G know everything on the street through her cop connections. Why? Because Game is so gangsta-rific! Bitches, am I right fellas?
It turns out that Tone and G stole 150 kilos of cocaine from Tito. So Coleman, Alexis partner, kidnaps Alexis and takes her to Costa. Coleman calls G to let him know his girlfriend is with them. G gets the crew together and they make their way to Tito's garage. Ha! The drug lord has a empty lot to do battle at. Nice. The gun fight in "Illegal Tender" was ass but come on, this movie has no character or tension. And no rules! This scene is ass. So everyone is dead, except for the (grunt) people that matter. I swear Dolomite is fucking God tier compared to this movie. G kills Coleman and Tito and saves the day. Wait, Alexis tells him the truth, that she's an undercover agent. G shoots her because she betrayed him and anyone who does so must die! Odd, this is something I wanted in movies like this. A bit of real life shit but all we get is Shari Headley really acting while Game gives a performance so dead, its waiting on the zombie apocalypse! G is...the King? The End?

Belly was a lot of things, but it made sense. Sincere felt like the gangster life was gonna take him under. He educated himself and wanted to change even if he wasn't fully "out of the streets". It took him getting shot for him to get his family outta harms way. Tommy was a monster of the streets. Even when he lost everything he was even more of a threat. While being undercover he started to change. After hearing the Reverend give a true heartfelt speech he decided to give it up. This was nothing like that. No moral, no focus, just garbage! I often laugh at rappers who spout off nothing but kill a nigga fuck bitches and get money lyrics with no storytelling ability. Now its in movie form. This is one of those movies that makes me sad that I love rap music. I live in its shadow and it made me who I am today. And that hurts the most. Actually no. What hurts the most is...this isn't the worst movie to star a rapper.

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Dee- F
DjTsu- F
Posted on September 21, 2012 .