Baby Boy

So I finally get a John Singleton movie. John Singleton for some of you is an acclaimed black director. His best work was his first, 1991's "Boyz N The Hood".  It's regarded as an Black Movie Classics. Add to that, it was nominated for both Best Director and Original Screenplay during the 1991 Academy Awards. This was made even more significant for Singleton who was the youngest person ever nominated for Best Director and the first African American to be nominated for the award. In 2002, the United States Library of Congress deemed the film "culturally significant"and selected it for preservation in the National Film Registry. Yup, Ice Cube and his Jheri Curl is in the Library of Congress. Ah fuck, so is Morris Chestnut! On to Singleton after this he would make several more movies. Poetic Justice, a little too pretentious for most. Higher Learning an over the top look on racism in college. Rosewood, which was sooooooo good but no one gave a shit to watch it! This is why Tyler Perry took over black people! 2000's Shaft, hahahahaha, the 3blackgeeks will tackle that in our podcast. With all of those movies' Singleton decided to go back to his roots with "Baby Boy".

Baby Boy was set to star Tupac Shakur, after his death Singleton put the project on hold. Tupac's face was airbrushed on the wall of the main character room as a nod to the fallen rapper. Also it's blunt symbolism! This movie seems to be shot out the ass of a pretentious film student who's teacher just taught him symbolism. The movie stars Jody, a 20-year-old piece of shit played by Tyrese Gibson. Now I had times where I had no job and nothing to my name. Jody was the reason I got up in the morning. His character in this whole movie had one goal and one goal only. Do nothing. The whole point of Jody is he's a child. His mom named Doormat, I mean Juanita played by AJ Johnson basically takes care of her baby boy. She tries her best and shows how hard it is for a woman to raise a man, but fuck all that. I need some comedy in my social experiment of a movie! Jody's best friend is L.A stereotype thug #3, I mean Sweetpea. Played by Omar Gooding and holy shit does he steals this movie! I never seen Omar act this good ever. He was funny and true to life that you can really connect to. White or black, he was human being trying shake off the stereotype that was nailed to him. Sweetpea lives with his girlfriend and mother. Yeah, kinda like Jody but I give him this at least he has a gun. He's basically a guard dog that can talk to you. Also he can bang you, that's a plus. So who slept with the dude from the Coca-Cola commercial? Several but one is our main star. DC's own (F you I rep my city) Taraji P. Henson stars in her first major role as Jody's cumbucket, I mean cumdumpster, I mean jack'off sock, I mean girlfriend Yvette. It goes without saying she's so good in this flick. Taraji's best work to me, fuck you if you said "Hustle n Flow" was her best stuff. She plays the victim, you know "I can't leave him, I love him!". Finally Ving Rhamas plays stone cold gangster mack Melvin. A man who inspired my dad to act jailhouse on me. No shit, my dad started doing that banging on his chest shit after this movie. It ruined my Senior year of high school. I'm a kid from the suburbs dad and you never been convicted of a crime before!

Let's start this movie off right. At the abortion clinic! Oh Sweet Baby Jesus Christ riding a Moped! Jody not knowing the meaning of "pull out and let it fly on her back", forces Yvette to have an abortion. Now yes he is over his head, but its not like he had her spend her money on an abortion. He got his mom to do it. Classy. He goes sees his daughter and fucks his baby mother Peanut to the 36 Mafia song "Babydaddy". A song that's way to ironic for me to joke about. Also bad move on Singleton with the forced message! Why not show Jody as a baby in the womb. Oh wait, that was the first thing we saw in this film. Get use to that symbolic shit! It's like a Stanley Kubrick wet dream with this shit. We then get to see Jody and his mom talk and then seeing her lock lips with Melvin. He's a landscaper, ex-con and his moms living breathing vibrator. He offers Jody a job and Jody doesn't take because he's fucking his mom. It's amazing how people love to bring up Ving taking it up the butt in Pulp Fiction and the fact he played gay in 3 movies. But they forget he rearranged AJ Johnson's organs in Baby Boy!   

We also see Yvette talking to her girlfriend. Who is wise as hell but ghetto as a crackhead in a Wendy's. Now she talks to her several times and hears out her friend but does Yvette take any advice. Hahahaha! Moving on. Jody has been having artistic ass nightmares of dying. Jody tells Melvin about his brother Ray. He was kicked out because his moms last boyfriend and was murdered. Melvin outright tells him tough shit and BTW I'm gonna destroy your moms puss! Jody the following day tries to get Sweetpea to become a businessman. He gives a speech so gangsta cliched Donald Goins' ghost should fucking sue! So his business, fuck that, his hustle is selling dresses and fondling women in the process. Well he has motivation even if its illegal. He gives Yvette and Peanut clothes and stuff for his kids. Well he puts his money in good places. Like deep dish rims on a fucking Honda Accord! Two words Jody. Mutual Fund!

Everything is great until we see Ving Rhames ass naked drinking Kool-Aid. It's one of the funniest thing in life to me. Sweaty Ving Rhames ass! We do get more moments of "aggression but I'm trying to connect with Jody" moments from Melvin. The term "Young and Dumb" keeps coming up but Jody isn't in the mood from advice from an ex-con. Jody, Melvin will ass rape you! He's from San Quinten! 23 hour lock down! Jody keeps talking shit behind Melvin's back feet away from Melvin. Melvin like the true G lets him talk shit. But fuck that building of tension. I need Yvette and Jody banter! They fight about Jody fucking other girls. Hey Yvette, DON'T ENCOURAGE HIM! She even sniffs his dick to be sure. Word to the wise ladies, sniffing cock solves nothing! After an actually funny argument it ends with Yvette on top. ...okay more blunt, she's getting fucked! Jody is a lucky bastard if I had the balls to screw chicks and my wife found out about it, I wouldn't be screwing her, I'd be taking a bowie knife out of my dick.

This movie is moving pretty fast lets slow it down. Sweetpea  while playing a sweet ass game of "Ready 2 Rumble"...FUCK YOU I'M A GEEK! He starts yelling at his girlfriend and her mom for no reason. He calls them "Unstable Ass Creatures". Coming from the yelling black man with a Dreamcast controller in his hand. Back to the plot! Yvette has been getting calls from her ex-boyfriend who's in jail, Rodney, played by Snoop Dogg. Jody told her several times to not take them. Just so happens Rodney calls and Jody plays phone gangster and tells Rodney to not drop the soap. Also Yvette has been venting to Rodney about Joey being well Jody. Just an inching feeling Yvette, why? You're gonna tell your thug ex-boyfriend about Jody for what reason? Well I hope this doesn't comeback to hurt them.

During a moment between Jody and Sweetpea we see a different side from Sweetpea. He wants to get baptized for a new start in life. He realized he's blessed to have a home but feels helpless. Knowing that he could be dead or homeless and not feeling like a man. Later Jody is still mad at Melvin, even more now because he found out that Melvin beat his ex-girlfriend. After Melvin says nothing, Jody still talks shit and get put into a Randy Orton style headlock. Melvin calls that a bitch move that Jody pulled and threatens him. He lets go of him and promptly dances with his mama. Ha!

Jody then finds his way to Yvette's coworkers house to hear bad acting. Yes she has some sexy lips and a decent ass, but she talks so deadpan I had to check to make sure I wasn't high. He refuses to sleep with her and he leaves. Good for Jody! Yvette finds condoms in her car because Jody is fucking stupid! They fight and come to find out Jody is still fucking Peanut. Yvette who isn't super amazed is calm and even justifies it. Why!? She says she still loves him but he needs to stop fucking. No! Fucking kick him out your car now! Jody says he loves her but he justifies sleeping around with other women. Again, why!? They fight, Yvette throws a jab at Jody, and Jody light tap back hands Yvette. It looked light to me, I think that was just the best take they could get. So as an "I'm sorry" treat, Jody eats Yvette out. Lovely, I often punch my lover and then dine on her privates. Amazing I heard that this actually works, and not just oral but sex too. She has artistic visions of a good future, bad future and even death for Jody. Must have been good head. Then she cums and he kisses her. (Insert fish pussy joke here)
Well the shit is getting heavy.

Speaking of which, I failed to mention John Singleton, Singleton'ing all over this movie with the symbolism. Hell he went back to his well of using Kool & The Gang's Summer Madness at least 3 times in this movie. Well if it were me I'd use "Easy Lover" by Phil Collins or Michael Jackson's "PYT". Time to be happy, Rodney comes Yvette's house. And she lets him in. Once more with conviction, WHY!? So instead of kicking him out or even calling the cops she lets him and justifies it. Once more for the people in nose bleeds, WHY?! Jody goes there to pick up his son and he meets Rodney and TayDee! Eastsider Reunions are the shit! After which Rodney wants to get Jody killed. Way to go Yvette. There's more, it seems that she cant get rid of him outside of dropping a dime to his Parole Officer. God forbid, right Yvette? An ex-con who smokes weed, eats chips and brings gang members to my house needs shelter! Jody is acting like more of a douche bag jerk and is asked to fix the car for Yvette he tells her no.  Yvette crying with her son in her arms as she tells her girlfriend "He don't love me no-more." I hate this scene. She said that the engine needs fixing on the car. Earlier in the movie she said Jody fixed already. I call bullshit, that's a Honda. He just fixed it! Lighting has to strike that engine twice for it to stop working.

I need more drama Singleton! Prayers answered! After Jody's mama finds canibus in her garden, she blames it on Jody and takes Melvin's side. Come to find out Melvin did it but she lets it go. Jody and Melvin get into it and it this turns into a "my house fight". Had this fight too with my father because I was making a Turkey sandwich! Thanks John Singleton you turned my Dad into an asshole! It finally comes to a head and Melvin lays his ass out with a Balrog style uppercut. Jody leaves on his bike crying and blaming his mama. Manly! Meanwhile Rodney attempts to rape Yvette. What? I didn't see that comin'! But this doesn't happen because of Lil Jody. Rodney gets up and oddly enough I agree with this line. "Fuck yo' punk ass daddy!" Yvette asks for help and Jody agrees. So whats the next logical step? Easy, kill him. But I have an idea. Call his PO! Just say hey Rodney has dirty piss, and he's back to doing pull ups in jail. Sweetpea says they need to pray on it. After the prayer Jody decides not to do it. But Rodney decides to end this now and pulls off a drive by. Hey it is a black movie in LA.

So after Singleton fakes the shit outta the audience with Jody's on screen death. Seriously I think him dying would have made for a better ending. So now we can kill Rodney. So they turn off the lights to the apartment to get Rodney out. Just so happens Rodney knows where the fuse box is and they get at him.  Jody shots Rodney in his the legs, but can finish him off. Thank God Sweetpea finishes him off or this would have gotten really awkward. Jody races back to his moms house with gun in hand. Shocked no cop stopped him. Jody was gonna kill himself? But Melvin takes the gun away. He then goes back to Yvette's and cuddles with her. Hope he mentioned that he murdered a man that night.  
The movie ends where everything is storybook. Jody and Yvette are in love, living together and with another child on the way. I hope Jody has a job! Melvin and Jody are cool. Sweetpea changes his life and no cop investigates Rodney's death. The End. Where to start!?

This movie isn't bad. I really dig the story and the acting. The whole damn cast was excellent. Rarely in black movies is a cast were everyone is blasting at full capacity. I think this was Henson, Johnson, Rhames' and Gooding's best performances. Where the movie pisses me off is how stupid everyone is. I'm not sure if anyone learned a lesson outside of Sweetpea. Speaking of which, Sweetpea was the best story to me. It was all about redemption for him. At the end where he embraced his girlfriend as well mom it made me wanna cry. I got nothing from Jody. Jody didn't want to grow up. Yvette is still living with Jody, did he really give over his desire to fuck every girl in Inglewood? What about his other baby mama? Is he still fucking her? and what about his daughter? So what the fans love this shit. Baby Boy's main fans are people who love drama and this is not a generalization GHETTO ASS PEOPLE! The worse is 7 out 10 don't apply the message to their own lives, that might take work I think. The movie is two hours long, I didn't ever tell you the other 6 filler scenes. Plus Singleton lays it on thick in this movie. While the story is nice it tries to hard to paint a picture that a high schooler can draw in the back of his math book. Then again this movie doesn't speak to me.

3blackGeeks Rating:
Dee- B
Cj- C
DjTsu- C
Posted on September 13, 2012 .