PBS Media is Crowdfunding Comic Books to Teach Kids S.T.E.M.

NEWARK NJ. August 15, 2016 – Independent comic book publisher PBS Media, headed by
writer, creator and New Jersey Math teacher Naseed Gifted, launched a crowdfunding
campaign today through Kickstarter to raise $8,500 for the production of the next comic book in its series that helps teach kids S.T.E.M.

P.B.Soldier is a science fiction adventure that follows covert operative Nat Cummings, a skilled
computer hacker using his skills to help pay for college tuition when his activities are discovered and he becomes listed as an International Terror Threat ­ code red. The newly formed government/paramilitary organization called The Establishment, gives him a simple choice, either work with them to become a highly­trained assassin or be terminated.

Cummings, a sniper class operative specializing in hacking, hand­to­hand combat, blade combat and stealth, is exceptional at his job. Until the day he meets Jazen, a mark and former E­Operative who knows more about him and “The E” than he does. Nat is confronted with the stunning realization that his work might not be for the greater good. Now he’s on a quest to learn the truth while coding an elaborate program to divest himself from The Establishment before becoming its next target. P.B.Soldier’s premise is The Bourne Identity meets V for Vendetta as Cummings becomes a double ­agent of sorts trying to bring down a system from the inside without letting those he cares about fall into harms way.

The goal of the kickstarter is to raise money for the production of Episode 3.0, the sixth
installment of a thirteen book arc. Funds will go towards payment to line artist and colorist Abel Garcia and actual production of the book, including printing and distribution. In addition, some of the proceeds are being donated to the Central High School Pre­Engineering Academy in Newark, NJ. ­ a program that Gifted has taught and led for the past 13 years.

S.T.E.M. or Science, Technology Engineering and Math Programs are often the lowest funded
and the lowest graduated in urban areas and Gifted is working hard to change those statistics
by using his own graphic novel, traveling the country speaking at schools, comic book conventions and after­school programs, introducing young African­Americans and Latinos to the world of P.B.Soldier one comic book at a time.

Naseed Gifted is a two­time Glyph Comic Awards and Urban Action Showcase nominee, an educator, engineer and writer. A New Jersey native, he is also a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His childhood obsession with comics rarely portrayed heroes that resembled him which fueled his desire to inject more diversity in the world of comic books. His mission in his graphic expression is to encompass a distinct balance between unprecedented storytelling and exceptional artwork. He is also the founder of New Jersey’s Black Comic Book Festival “Khem Comic Fest” and travels across the country as a panelist for Full Spectrum: Why Color in Comics Matters and Using Comics to teach STEM. Published works include self­published sci­fi comic book series: P.B.Soldier; Short stories: Occupy Renaissance City and
Terrorist Act of 2011; and Director/Writer: P.B.Soldier “The Awakening” Short Film and
P.B.Soldier Animated Short.

P.B.Soldier titles are available at the P.B.Soldier website, Amazon, ITunes and PeepGame Comix.

Had the pleasure of interviewing Naseed Gifted earlier this year at Awesome-Con as he talked about this comic. You guys should pitch in to this kickstarter. Definitely worth it.

To contribute to the P.B.Soldier: Cutting Edge Sci­fi comic book serie go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pbsoldier/pbsoldier-cutting-edge-scifi-comic-book-series

Posted on August 30, 2016 .