Batman v Superman SDCC trailer

Man of Steel was one of those movies that ended up being polarizing to viewers. Some people loved it and some people hated it. Then you had viewers that were split down the middle where they didn't hate the movie but didn't love it either. In comes Batman v Superman and whether you like or not, it was making waves in the media. You gotta understand that this is a movie that lots of us were hoping would happen since we were kids. Its one thing to read about it in the comic books but its another to actually see it in movie form. Hell the Bruce Timm DCAU Batman/Superman team-up was hype and damn good. 

So here we are at SDCC this year and WB blessed us fans with a brand new long trailer for Batman v Superman and let me tell you, I'm all in. Everything from this trailer hits the right notes from seeing a very angry, distraught Batman to a conflicted Superman who just wants to do right thing and help the people of the world. And Wonder Woman? Man look, Gal Gadot is more likely gonna knock it out the park(Hopefully her acting is competent). At any rate, I don't see how anyone can possibly be a sourpuss about this movie unless you just hate having fun.  Mark my words though....when this movie does release, I fully expect lots of snarky and dumb think pieces. Me though? I'm gonna be partyin and enjoying this greatness of a movie as should you and everyone else. Us nerds are winning out here!!!!