Random Rant

So Cj of 3BG told me I had no choice but to make blogs now. Me bullshitting and working on my own personal dream projects be damned. We got a website now and we need content. At least that's what he thinks. Cj in his own Cj way kept it short with me. "Come on now D." So, very well. It's been a whole year since I wrote a blog and I got a few rants brewing. 

It's 2015, Empire has made waves. Power has made waves. Scandal has made waves. How To Get Away With Murder has made waves. Four shows with black leads and some with black direction and writing. All hits. You would think that would be enough for us but sadly it's not. Not at all. You see, our grand return to TV in a non-BET or TVone channel isn't a victory. That's what a lot of us think. Right? Nah, not at all. You see Black America is doing what we love doing. Splitting hairs. We do this all the fucking time, hoping that our way to the promise land of TV won't be in like our Caucasian counterparts. Sadly, that's not how TV or viewership works. I remember as a kid (I mentioned this in our Mo Money podcast) Damon Wayans had a show called 413 Hope Street. Not a perfect show but it was a positive show. A crisis center trying to help a poor black community in New York. It got cancelled 10 episodes in. I remember my father saying "White people don't care to see it, and it's too close to home for black people to support it." Whether my dad was right or not, that statement was true. The one thing black people as a race hates doing is looking in the mirror. Makes sense to me as it seems that any thought provoking film or show we put out, none of us watch it. Oh, we'll support the shit out of it, cry when they take it or hold it from us, but at the end of the day it isn't juicy enough. We beg for these titles and don't even bother to watch the shit! It's like my son begging for a sandwich, only for him to take one bite and he grabs a corndog instead. All the blogs, twitter hashtags and fucking blasting Hollywood just so we can get one and we go "Nah. I wanna see Bad Girls Club."

Now my support of Empire and Power is only on a success level. I want all, let me repeat that, I WANT ALL, black shows to do well, Yeah, I don't like the Tyler Perry comedies but I support my people. I'm not counting reality TV. Why? Why would you do such a stupid thing? So when I heard about Empire breaking records and just the full on impact of it all, I loved it. Finally! One of our shitty TV shows is out doing white peoples shitty TV shows. That's how I see it. I don't need this big long rant on how this effects blacks; how does this make us look in the eyes of white people; and what message is it sending to the kids. Lemme answer all three. (1)We watching our people on screen. This is a modern day "Dynasty" or "Dallas", bad people being bad people. It's also us in positions of power. Money, fame and all the bad that comes with it. But tt's directed and written by us. (2) White people are gonna think what they gonna think. Much like how black people think of about white people. WHY DOES IT MATTER? What, is Masta Charlie gon' shame and beat us? It's 2015! Who gives a fuck about judgmental assholes being judgmental. Yes, I understand that what it looks like but take a step back. The show is 75% full of bad guys. It's not a big deal. (3) Is actually a legit concern of mine. This is TV14, tell you're fast ass little cousin to get out the room. ...then again, us 90's kids had New York Undercover. (I swear we saw Malik Yoba bang a chick every episode). Point is, until we can make a positive show that has mass appeal, we need to be happy as hell Empire is here. It knocked down a door. Run in before the networks close it again! (Also, I'm not a fan of Empire, just a fan of Terrence Howard acting and him wearing the living shit out of those suits! ...Taraji's ass tho)

One more issue and it's the one I'm sick of. It's 2015 and this needs to die. Two people in the room. Both love movies. One loves Denzel Washiington. The other says "He sold his soul to the Devil for an Oscar." Yes, if you have younger cousins; a friend who hates straight forward logic; a stoner friend who is waaaaaaaaay too paranoid to even be smoking; or that one relative/friend who is just plain ignorant, they will believe in the Illuminati and all of the goings on. This shit needs to die. Yes, there are unexplained shit in our government and even in Hollywood. But if you TRULY believe in the Illuminati, THEN MAKE FUCKING SENSE. Just because you can't explain it or you seen something that's counter to what you deem as "Holy/Good", it's not the devil! Just because you hate Jay-Z and Rihanna's music, doesn't mean they're in league with Satan.(Just Live Nation and yes it is evil) But it's the knee jerk reaction to it. The mystery group that's behind all the shit you hate. But lets go back to Denzel and bring Halle Berry into this. This is what I was told by someone at a party, who believed in this grand conspiracy and challenge me as Christian Black man to open my eyes. 

"Denzel Washington winning in Training Day wasn't because of his acting ability. It was because the Illuminati telling him to do so. They told him that he had to pick a role that would show him, a upstanding black male in Hollywood to be evil. And Denzel did it with flying colors, not before (Note- I didn't make this shit up! My dumbass friend did!) Denzel met with the Illuminati. They was told to give up his manhood, like Halle Berry giving up her butthole on screen to Billy Bob Thorton. Denzel did it and now you worship this coon as a God now. You niggers are being lead by false prophet. A man who gave us his butt to be rich."


Okay, wow that's a lot to take in. Here's the thing, this is believed as gospel. Now we can easily poke holes in all conspiracies but this is...unique. Not quite burned out stoner, not all the way jailhouse Muslim, and not some much paranoid Christian hillbilly. It's odd that theories like this float around as gospel. Now that I got that out the way, let me continue. I'm sitting there looking at him in shock of the dumb I just heard. Seriously, my kicks itself over shit like this. I began to tell him about Denzel being nominated 6 times(winning twice) by a room full of old white people who NEVER recognize blacks in the acting world. You would think that would means something right? Nope. I told him the Academy is full of shit anyway.

"But he won for a bad guy role, making all of us look like thugs in the eyes of the white man."

Somewhat true I guess they only want us to be in negative roles. Unlike when Denzel won for Glory. You know, the runaway slave who was angry at every white person in the world won Best Supporting Actor! Yes he played a slave but played a vital role in the movie. But yeah, he a slave. Shame on Denzel. But if it was so focused on Denzel being evil then win didn't he win for The Hurricane or Flight? Also if it was a white mans idea of us, then why did he win a NAACP Award for Training Day?

"Monkey see, monkey do."

...huh? Whatever. The part I like is the magical orgy that Denzel took part in. First off, tell me why? Why? The butt stuff? I don't get what's up with you Illuminati cats and talking about niggaz getting butt raped. By the way, I was never fully given an answer outside of that's how the white man talks away your dignity. Wait...what!? Here's the best part, the fact the guys willingly do so. Seriously, it's either butt sex or a guy deep throating another guy. A gay person would call you gay for that. Seeing how I was never given a straight answer I can only assume one thing. The people who say these things are homophobic or closeted as fucked. Either way, that shit doesn't make you look intelligent because you're not being metaphorical. It makes you look like you wrote a fantasy porn of Denzel, Will Smith, Jay-Z and a few other "sold out" actors/musicians having a orgy "Sexy Beast" style in Puff Daddy's pool house! It would be funny if the person who's telling you this was just saying it to be funny. But no he was real with his shit. Right on I guess. I'm just sick of the idea of this grand scheme to control the through music and tv for black people. Yes I see why you have those ideas but why? Because it takes away praise for our own race is it not? Denzel is great actor. Halle Berry is.............pretty. Will Smith is great, I could keep going but why? I'm just more mad at the idea of it. It's dumb. This isn't my last post on the Illuminati conspiracy. I'll be back when I care to rant again. Until then...here's to more blogs.

- Dee the Black Geeks