PBS Media is Crowdfunding Comic Books to Teach Kids S.T.E.M.

NEWARK NJ. August 15, 2016 – Independent comic book publisher PBS Media, headed by
writer, creator and New Jersey Math teacher Naseed Gifted, launched a crowdfunding
campaign today through Kickstarter to raise $8,500 for the production of the next comic book in its series that helps teach kids S.T.E.M.

P.B.Soldier is a science fiction adventure that follows covert operative Nat Cummings, a skilled
computer hacker using his skills to help pay for college tuition when his activities are discovered and he becomes listed as an International Terror Threat ­ code red. The newly formed government/paramilitary organization called The Establishment, gives him a simple choice, either work with them to become a highly­trained assassin or be terminated.

Cummings, a sniper class operative specializing in hacking, hand­to­hand combat, blade combat and stealth, is exceptional at his job. Until the day he meets Jazen, a mark and former E­Operative who knows more about him and “The E” than he does. Nat is confronted with the stunning realization that his work might not be for the greater good. Now he’s on a quest to learn the truth while coding an elaborate program to divest himself from The Establishment before becoming its next target. P.B.Soldier’s premise is The Bourne Identity meets V for Vendetta as Cummings becomes a double ­agent of sorts trying to bring down a system from the inside without letting those he cares about fall into harms way.

The goal of the kickstarter is to raise money for the production of Episode 3.0, the sixth
installment of a thirteen book arc. Funds will go towards payment to line artist and colorist Abel Garcia and actual production of the book, including printing and distribution. In addition, some of the proceeds are being donated to the Central High School Pre­Engineering Academy in Newark, NJ. ­ a program that Gifted has taught and led for the past 13 years.

S.T.E.M. or Science, Technology Engineering and Math Programs are often the lowest funded
and the lowest graduated in urban areas and Gifted is working hard to change those statistics
by using his own graphic novel, traveling the country speaking at schools, comic book conventions and after­school programs, introducing young African­Americans and Latinos to the world of P.B.Soldier one comic book at a time.

Naseed Gifted is a two­time Glyph Comic Awards and Urban Action Showcase nominee, an educator, engineer and writer. A New Jersey native, he is also a graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology. His childhood obsession with comics rarely portrayed heroes that resembled him which fueled his desire to inject more diversity in the world of comic books. His mission in his graphic expression is to encompass a distinct balance between unprecedented storytelling and exceptional artwork. He is also the founder of New Jersey’s Black Comic Book Festival “Khem Comic Fest” and travels across the country as a panelist for Full Spectrum: Why Color in Comics Matters and Using Comics to teach STEM. Published works include self­published sci­fi comic book series: P.B.Soldier; Short stories: Occupy Renaissance City and
Terrorist Act of 2011; and Director/Writer: P.B.Soldier “The Awakening” Short Film and
P.B.Soldier Animated Short.

P.B.Soldier titles are available at the P.B.Soldier website, Amazon, ITunes and PeepGame Comix.

Had the pleasure of interviewing Naseed Gifted earlier this year at Awesome-Con as he talked about this comic. You guys should pitch in to this kickstarter. Definitely worth it.

To contribute to the P.B.Soldier: Cutting Edge Sci­fi comic book serie go to https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/pbsoldier/pbsoldier-cutting-edge-scifi-comic-book-series

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Warner Bros. Home Entertainment SDCC 2016

WB Home Entertainment will be in full effect at SDCC this year premiering 4 new movies: The Killing Joke, Batman Unlimited - Mechs vs Mutants, Scooby Doo & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, and DC Super Hero Girls - Hero of the Year. Below is the schedule complete with descriptions. 

Friday, July 22
Batman: The Killing Joke
9:00-11:30pm World Premiere & Panel Ballroom 20
Talent: Kevin Conroy (Batman), Tara Strong (Batgirl), Ray Wise
(Commissioner Gordon), executive producer Bruce Timm, director Sam
Liu, screenwriter Brian Azzarello.

World Premiere of Batman: The Killing Joke – Delve into the demented history of the Dark Knight’s arch nemesis – The Joker – as he sets out to prove insanity is only a horrifying moment away for anyone in the latest DC Universe Original Movie, Batman: The Killing Joke. Based on one of the best-selling graphic novels of all time, this R-rated, feature-length animated film brings together some of the key creative team behind Batman: The Animated Series with executive producer Bruce Timm (Justice League: Gods & Monsters) at the helm and Kevin Conroy (Justice League) and Mark Hamill (Star Wars franchise) returning to their seminal roles as Batman and The Joker, respectively. Hear how the landmark graphic novel transitioned to animated thriller, then witness the World Premiere of this highly-anticipated film. Panelists include Tara Strong (Teen Titans; Batman: Arkham games) as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl and Ray Wise (Twin Peaks, RoboCop) as Commissioner James Gordon, as well as director Sam Liu (Batman: Year One, All-Star Superman) and Harvey and Eisner Award-winning writer Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, Batman: Broken City). Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment,
Batman: The Killing Joke arrives from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment
July 26, 2016 on Digital HD and August 2, 2016 on Blu-Ray™ Deluxe
Edition, Blu-Ray™ Combo Pack and DVD. Ballroom 20
Sunday – July 24
Batman Unlimited: Monster Mayhem
11:00-11:45am Autograph signing WB Booth
12:15-1:45pm World Premiere & Panel 6BCF
Talent: Roger Craig Smith (Batman), Will Friedle (Nightwing), John DiMaggio (Killer Croc), producer/director Curt Ceda.

World Premiere of Batman Unlimited: Mech vs. Mutants – The Dark Knight is back doing what he does best – protecting the citizens of Gotham – in the third installment of the Batman Unlimited series, Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants. When evil scientist Mr. Freeze activates his latest invention on two of Gotham’s most formidable criminals – Killer Croc and Bane – things go from bad to worse. Turning them into super-sized mutant monsters, the Super-Villains start bashing through the streets of Gotham with no end in sight. It’s up to the Caped Crusader and his Super Hero team to save the day by putting the giant robot mechs in their place – but it will be an uphill battle as they face off against enormous foes. Join the heroic voices of Batman and Nightwing, Roger Craig Smith(Batman: Arkham Origins, Assassin’s Creed games) and Will Friedle (Batman Beyond, Boy Meets World), respectively, alongside the voice of villainous voice of Killer Croc, John DiMaggio (Futurama, Batman: Under the Red Hood), plus filmmakers and other voice cast members for the World Premiere of the film and a lively panel discussion afterward. Greg Miller (KindaFunny.com) will moderate. The cast includes Chris Diamantopoulos (Episodes, Silicon Valley), Charlie Schlatter (Diagnosis Murder, Kick Buttkowski), Oded Fehr (The Mummy, Resident Evil: Apocalypse), Dana Snyder (Aqua Teen Hunger Force), Carlos Alazraqui (Reno 911), Troy Baker (Batman: Assault on Arkham) and Phil LaMarr (MAD TV, Futurama). Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants is produced and directed by Curt Ceda from a script written by Kevin Burke & Chris “Doc” Wyatt. Produced by DC Entertainment and Warner Bros. Animation, Batman Unlimited: Mechs vs. Mutants comes to DVD via Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on September 13, 2016. 6BCF
Saturday, July 23
Scooby-Doo & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon
1:45-2:30pm Autograph signing WB Booth
2:45-3:45pm First-Look & Panel 6BCF
Talent: WWE Superstars Sheamus & Paige, Grey Griffin (Daphne), director Tim Divar, producer Brandon Vietti, WWE Studios President Michael Luisi, Warner Bros. Animation Senior Vice president Jay Bastian, moderator Eric Goldman (IGN)

Scooby-Doo & WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon – Icons of entertainment reunite as the Mystery Inc. gang and WWE Superstars team-up for their second animated adventure, Scooby-Doo and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon. When Scooby and the gang attend an off-road racing competition, the last thing they expect is to stumble upon a menacing phantom. However, before they can say “ruh-roh,” things take a turn for the worse, as Inferno schemes to sabotage the race and cause chaos for everyone. With the help of WWE Superstars Triple H, Paige, Sheamus, Mr. McMahon, Stephanie McMahon, Lana™, Rusev ® , The Miz ® , Kofi Kingston ® and Goldust ® , as well as Scooby’s new driving partner, The Undertaker, it’s up to Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang to save the race before it’s too late! Be among the first public audience to see footage from the sequel to one of the best-selling films in Scooby-Doo history. WWE Superstars Sheamus and Paige join the longtime voices of Daphne and Shaggy, Grey Griffin (Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated) and Matthew Lillard (Scooby-Doo, The Bridge) respectively, along with producer Brandon Vietti (Batman: Under the Red Hood, Young Justice), director Tim Divar (Young Justice), WWE Studios President Michael Luisi, Warner Bros Animation Senior Vice President Jay Bastian – and a few mystery guests – for an in-depth discussion about this all-new animated film. IGN’s Eric Goldman will moderate the festivities, which will include special prizes for a few lucky fans. Scooby-Doo! and WWE: Curse of the Speed Demon, will be available from Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on Blu-Ray Combo Pack, DVD and Digital HD on August 9, 2016, just in time for the excitement of this year’s WWE SummerSlam. 6BCF
Sunday, July 24
DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year
10:00am-12:00pm World Premiere & Panel 6BCF
12:30-1:15pm Autograph signing WB Booth
Talent: Tara Strong (Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy), Grey Griffin (Wonder Woman), Anais Fairweather (Supergirl), screenwriter Shea Fontana, producer Jennifer Coyle, author Lisa Yee, moderator Tiffany Smith (DC All- Access).

World Premiere of DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year – Girls around the world now have their very own Super Hero universe in which to play, watch, read and be inspired! To further bring this
all-new realm to life, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing DC Super Hero Girls shorts, TV specials and – as a Comic-Con exclusive presentation – the World Premiere of DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year. After the screening, voice cast members and filmmakers will discuss the animated feature-length movie, as well as spotlight the partnership between WB Consumer Products, DC Entertainment and Mattel in bringing the DC Super Hero Girls to life with a full line of action dolls, figures, accessories and playsets in the Fall of 2016. Also on the docket is a look at DC’s first-ever original graphic novel for DC Super Hero Grisl, as well as books from Random House. DC Super Hero Girls: Hero of the Year features some of the top voice actors in the industry. Panelists will include the voice of Wonder Woman, Grey Griffin (Scooby-Doo and KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery); the voice of Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy, Tara Strong (The Fairly Oddparents, My Little Pony) and the voice of Supergirl, Anais Fairweather (DC Super Hero Girls), alongside producer Jennifer Coyle
(Bob’s Burgers), screenwriter/author Shea Fontana (Doc McStuffins, The 7D) and award-winning author Lisa Yee (DC Super Hero Girls books, American Girl books), as well as several surprise guests. DC All-Access host Tiffany Smith will moderate the panel. And everyone in attendance will receive a special DC Super Hero Girls gift courtesy of WB Consumer Products. The stellar voice cast also includes Mae Whitman
(Batgirl/Barbara Gordon), Teala Dunn (Bumblebee) and Stephanie Sheh (Katana). Produced by Warner Bros. Animation and DC Entertainment, the film will be distributed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment on August 23, 2016 on DVD. 6BCF
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Introducing ComiXology Unlimited

If you're a regular comic book reader especially on the digital side then comixology is offering a helluva good upcoming service. With Marvel offering the Marvel Unlimited app and now this service from ComiXology for IDW, Image, Valiant, and more, its baffling why DC hasn't gotten onboard with a service like this. 

May 24, 2016 – New York, NY – ComiXology, Amazon’s premier digital comic shopping & reading platform, today introduced comiXology Unlimited — the best way to explore the amazing world of comics, graphic novels and manga at an unbelievable price. For just $5.99 a month customers can explore selections from thousands of incredible titles, like The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Hellboy, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lumberjanes, Saga, The Umbrella Academy, Outcast, Transformers with more on the way. ComiXology Unlimited is available today on the comiXology app for Fire Tablet, Android, iOS and on the web at comixology.com. Start your free 30-day trial at comixology.com/unlimited.

“We’re in a new golden age of storytelling with more incredible comics, graphic novels and manga than ever before,” said comiXology’s CEO and Co-Founder David Steinberger. “ComiXology Unlimited is fantastic portal to tons of great comics at a ridiculously great price. Get in there and start exploring.”

With comiXology Unlimited it’s never been easier for readers to explore the world of comics. The only subscription service to feature books from Image Comics and Dark Horse Comics, comiXology Unlimited also includes great titles from IDW Publishing, BOOM! Studios, Dynamite Entertainment, Kodansha Comics, Oni Press, Valiant Entertainment, Archie Comics, Fantagraphics Books, Humanoids, Action Lab Entertainment, Aspen Comics, Zenescope Entertainment and more. ComiXology Unlimited debuts today in the U.S. and will expand to other regions in the future.

ComiXology Unlimited features include:

Unlimited reading, on any device: Access thousands of digital comics, graphic novels and manga including best sellers like The Walking Dead, Attack on Titan, Hellboy, Adventure Time, Peanuts, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Lumberjanes, Saga, The Umbrella Academy, Outcast, and Transformers. Enjoy offline reading using the comiXology app on Fire Tablet, Android, iOS, or streaming on the web at comixology.com.
Exceptional Content: Whether you’re into sci-fi or slice-of-life, comiXology Unlimited offers the widest subscription selection of digital comics in the world. With an immense catalog and cinematic Guided View reading experience, the comic you want is always at your fingertips.
Free one-month trial: Not sure if you’re up for binging on comics? Enjoy the first month free and explore our expansive digital library.
“You may have heard of Love and Rockets, Krazy Cat and Ignatz, or Lumberjanes – but had no idea where to start reading or what collection to buy. Now you can simply start reading all these great titles today,” said John D. Roberts, comiXology Co-Founder. “ComiXology is changing the game again. First, we ignited digital via our Guided View reading technology. Now, with comiXology Unlimited, everyone can easily explore the expansive world of comics.”

Selections from the following great series are available today, and we’ll continue to add more titles over time:

Adventure Time by Ryan North, Braden Lamb, Shelli Paroline and various (BOOM! Studios)
Aliens by Mark Verheiden, Sam Kieth, Peter Milligan and various (Dark Horse Comics)
Archie by Mark Waid and Fiona Staples (Archie Comics)
Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama (Kodansha Comics)
Atomic Robo by Brian Clevinger and Scott Wegener (Tesladyne)
Bitch Planet by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Valentine De Landro (Image Comics)
Bloodshot by Duane Swierczynski, Manuel Garcia and Arturo Lozzi (Valiant Entertainment)
The Boys by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson (Dynamite Entertainment)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer by Joss Whedon and various (Dark Horse Comics)
Chew by John Layman and Rob Guillory (Image Comics)
The Complete Peanuts by Charles Schulz (Fantagraphics Books)
Conan the Barbarian by Brian Wood and Becky Cloonan (Dark Horse Comics)
Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima (Kodansha Comics)
Fatale by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips (Image Comics)
Ghostbusters by Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening, and various (IDW Publishing)
G.I. Joe by Chuck Dixon, Robert Atkins and various (IDW Publishing)
Grimm Fairy Tales by Ralph Tedesco, Joe Tyler and various (Zenescope Entertainment)
Godzilla by Duane Swierczynski, Arthur Adams, Simon Gane and various (IDW Publishing)
Hellboy by Mike Mignola (Dark Horse Comics)
Hip Hop Family Tree by Ed Piskor (Fantagraphics Books)
The Incal by Alexandro Jodorowsky and Moebius (Humanoids)
Lazarus by Greg Rucka and Michael Lark (Image Comics)
Letter 44 by Charles Soule and Alberto Alburquerque (Oni Press)
Lone Wolf and Cub by Kazuo Koike and Goseki Kojima (Dark Horse Comics)
Love and Rockets by Jaime and Gilbert Hernandez (Fantagraphics Books)
Locke & Key by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez (IDW Publishing)
Lumberjanes by Shannon Watters, Grace Ellis, Noelle Stevenson and Brooke Allen (BOOM! Studios)
My Little Pony by Katie Cook and Andy Price (IDW Publishing)
Outcast by Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta (Image Comics)
Pretty Deadly by Kelly Sue DeConnick and Emma Rios (Image Comics)
Princeless by Jeremy Whitley and various (Action Lab Entertainment)
Red Sonja by by Gail Simone, Jenny Frison, and Walter Geovanni (Dynamite Entertainment)
Saga by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples (Image Comics)
Serenity by Joss Whedon, Brett Matthews and Will Conrad (Dark Horse Comics)
Scott Pilgrim by Bryan Lee O’Malley (Oni Press)
Sex Criminals by Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky (Image Comics)
Spawn by Todd McFarlane (Image Comics)
Star Trek by Mike Johnson, Stephen Molnar, Joe Corroney and various (IDW Publishing)
Poorcraft: The Funnybook Fundamentals of Living Well on Less by C. Spike Trotman and (Iron Circus Comics)
Transformers by John Barber, Andrew Griffith, Marcelo Matere and various (IDW Publishing)
The Umbrella Academy by Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá (Dark Horse Comics)
Usagi Yojimbo by Stan Sakai (Dark Horse Comics)
The Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore and Charlie Adlard (Image Comics)
The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie (Image Comics)
Wonderland by Raven Gregory and Sheldon Goh (Zenescope Entertainment)
Wuvable Oaf by Ed Luce (Fantagraphics)
X-O Manowar by Robert Venditti and Cary Nord(Valiant Entertainment)
...and many more.
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With Ta-Nehisi Coates Black Panther run underway alongside the characters introduction to the MCU in Captain America Civil War, Marvel is rolling out a video series to introduce Black Panther to a new audience.


New York, NY—May 10th, 2016 — Today, Marvel Comics continues to present this year’s breakout Marvel Super Hero – the Black Panther – through a monthly video series that masterfully merges animated comics, commentary from Black Panther writer, Ta-Nehisi Coates, and, for the first episode, a pulse-pounding musical score from one of today’s most critically acclaimed hip-hop groups, Run The Jewels.

This new video series is designed to present the world of Black Panther to a whole new audience timed with his cinematic debut in Marvel’s “Captain America: Civil War” and will offer fans a monthly recap of the best-selling comic book series.

Black Panther #1, written by The Atlantic national correspondent and National Book Award winner, Ta-Nehisi Coates, accompanied with outstanding art by Brian Stelfreeze, garnered international buzz and attention upon the announcement of this series in 2015 and debuted as the best-selling comic for the month of April. Continuing the excitement surrounding Marvel’s celebrated Super Hero T’Challa, the Black Panther, the first episode of this groundbreaking multi-artist hip-hop-inspired video series samples the unmistakable beat of Run The Jewel’s “Oh My Darling.”

“With the Black Panther capturing the hearts and minds of fans around the world, we are making an all-out press for their eyes and ears,” says Marvel Editor in Chief, Axel Alonso. “And who better to make our opening statement than the sonically groundbreaking duo, El-P and Killer Mike – A.K.A. Run the Jewels?”

Bluefin Announces New SPIDER-MAN SAMURAI Meisho Manga Realization Figure

So there has been a big push for Feudal Japan inspired figures based on various properties with Star Wars being a start of it. Now Bluefin is bringing in Spiderman to the fold and its looks awesome. Check out the press release below for more info.

Distinctive Collectible Figure Incorporates Japanese Samurai Aesthetic For New Release Of Legendary Superhero Web Crawler

Irvine, CA, May 9, 2016 – Bluefin, the leading North American distributor of toys, collectibles, and hobby merchandise from Japan, proudly announces the newest addition to the hit Meisho Realization figure series from Tamashii Nations as the company reimagines famous superheroes starting with the release of the Samurai Spider-Man later this year.

Scheduled to debut to retailers in late-Summer/Fall, the highly detailed, 7-inch figure pays homage to the Samurai aesthetic and artfully takes Spidey back to feudal-era Japan, casting him in distinctive, web-like black and crimson warrior armor. The figure is exquisitely constructed with hybrid materials and features up to 15 points of articulation to create endless posing possibilities. Meisho Manga Realization Spider-Man will carry an MSRP of $91.99 from authorized Bluefin retailers nationwide and also from a variety of leading online outlets. Preorders are available now.

Meisho Manga Realization Samurai Spiderman
Height: Approx. 7 inches; MSRP: $91.99
Leave it to top sculptor and designer Takayuki Takeya to take Spider-Man back to Feudal Japan in full, web-like Samurai warrior armor. True to the feudal spirit, Samurai Spider-Man’s ninja kaginawa-style grappling web hook is crafted as chain-like firing mechanism. Like the preceding Meisho Movie Realization products before it, Samurai Spider-Man is crafted with semi-soft materials that allow for superior articulations and dynamic posing. Set includes interchangeable hands (x3), Japanese katana set, and kaginawa web hook set (left and right wrist parts).

Collectors also can enjoy several notable figures from the Tamashii Nations Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars product line – available now from Bluefin – that include the “Ronin” Boba Fett, “Ashigaru” Stormtrooper, and the Samurai General “Taisho” Darth Vader and Samurai General “Daisho” Darth Vader. Each is clad in a unique set of armor and comes with an array of weapons and other accessories. Additional new figures will be announced in coming months. For more information on the Meisho Movie Realization Star Wars figures distributed by Bluefin, please visit: www.bluefincorp.com/catalog/tamashii-nations/meisho-movie-realization.html.

NYCC 2015 Roundup

New York Comic Con 2015 has came and went and it was definitely a fun experience. Being part of the press outlet for the podcast was a major highlight but more than anything it was the atmosphere that really brought it all together. I'm an avid fan of toys and action figures and this convention had it in spades from various companies such as Capcom, Bandai, Namco, Hot Toys, Square Enix, etc. 

Beyond the toys, we obviously can't talk about the convention without mentioning the cosplay. Cosplay is probably the Number 1 reason to be excited about these types of conventions cause you guaranteed to be surprised at how great the costumes are and it seems every year the cosplay gets better and better. NYCC 2015 was no exception. Non-stop great cosplay from everyone and definitely some standout ones as well.

But the main reason for being at the convention was getting the opportunity to cover the event as press. Not gonna lie, I was nervous mainly because this was something that was brand new to me. Being able to sit down with the these actors/actresses and sort of pick their brain on the projects they were working on was a treat mainly because you can see that they were genuinely excited about the work they do on these projects. These celebs know the fans love the material and they want it to be the best possible product that they can put out.

Speaking of interviews, check out the ones that were done for NYCC 2015:

Ash vs. Evil Dead  Underground  The Librarians  Supergirl  Agent X  Lego Marvel Avengers  Venture Brothers Season 6  Star Wars Rebels  Dr. Travis Langley

Also some badass helmets from the FDNY Foundation auction.

Overall a definite fun experience being at NYCC. Seeing other fellow podcasters and getting to know brand new ones as well. This convention is definitely worth checking out if you're able to go. Well worth it.

-CJ(@3blackgeeks), Photos by Dee(@DeeTheBlackGeek) and DJ Tsu(@BlkNerdJapan)

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Batman v Superman SDCC trailer

Man of Steel was one of those movies that ended up being polarizing to viewers. Some people loved it and some people hated it. Then you had viewers that were split down the middle where they didn't hate the movie but didn't love it either. In comes Batman v Superman and whether you like or not, it was making waves in the media. You gotta understand that this is a movie that lots of us were hoping would happen since we were kids. Its one thing to read about it in the comic books but its another to actually see it in movie form. Hell the Bruce Timm DCAU Batman/Superman team-up was hype and damn good. 

So here we are at SDCC this year and WB blessed us fans with a brand new long trailer for Batman v Superman and let me tell you, I'm all in. Everything from this trailer hits the right notes from seeing a very angry, distraught Batman to a conflicted Superman who just wants to do right thing and help the people of the world. And Wonder Woman? Man look, Gal Gadot is more likely gonna knock it out the park(Hopefully her acting is competent). At any rate, I don't see how anyone can possibly be a sourpuss about this movie unless you just hate having fun.  Mark my words though....when this movie does release, I fully expect lots of snarky and dumb think pieces. Me though? I'm gonna be partyin and enjoying this greatness of a movie as should you and everyone else. Us nerds are winning out here!!!!

Awesome Con 2015 Roundup

So Awesome Con is turning into one of my favorite cons to go to along with Magfest. Prior to that it was Otakon but long story short, that convention has been on a decline for awhile. At any rate, me and Dee have been attending Awesome Con since it first started two years ago and it has come a long way since then. What made this years trip special was 1) We had a panel this year which meant a lot to us since our first one at Magfest went really damn well and 2) We got an opportunity to finally see our fellow podcasters in person and attend their panels. It was definitely fun times for everyone.

Me(CJ) and Dee arrived to the convention on Friday and got our badges. The first thing we noticed was how huge the area was this year. Last year the registration line was so big that it ended up outside so it looks like they learned the lesson and had a huge area downstairs for it. The more noticeable thing was the main area with the dealers room which again was huge enough to where you had more dealers, more room for the artists alley, and a huge area for the media guests. Since it was Friday and the crowd was semi-small, we decided to get pictures with the media guests.

I opted to start off with the Power Rangers group and let me tell you, its always funny hearing other people wild out seeing them here. Last year, David Yost(Blue MMPR) and Walter Jones(Black MMPR) were here and now this year those two along with Karen Ashley(Yellow MMPR) and Austin St. John(Red MMPR) had came. I hadn't seen Austin since Power Morphicon in 2007 and since then he had disappeared for awhile doing EMT work overseas. It was definitely great talking to Austin and Karen, reminiscing about the show and the good times.  So leaving from there, me and Dee were looking around and taking in which celebs was their and noticed that George Newburn wasn't getting much love from the crowd. For those that don't know, George Newburn voiced Superman in Bruce Timm's Justice League series, Steve Trevor in both Justice League: War and Throne of Atlantis, and Sephiroth in FF VII: Advent Children, Crisis Core, and Kingdom Hearts 2. Most people that watch the show though know him from Scandal as Charlie. Now me and Dee don't watch Scandal BUT it was baffling why he didn't advertise hugely that he was in it since it is a big show. Over the course of that weekend though he did put up subsequent signs showing his roles as Sephiroth and Charlie which brought more people to him. For that one day though, me and Dee got a good laugh out of that.

Once Dee left for the day, I ended up sticking around and made my way to one more celeb for the day and that was Brian Tee. You know him as Liu Kang from the Mortal Kombat: Legacy series and DK from Tokyo Drift. I chatted with him for awhile and he's a chill dude. We joked a bit about him not being in Furious 7 and he gave some insight on his experience in Tokyo Drift. The big takeaway though was his story on becoming the Shredder in TMNT 2. Long story short, him getting the role was a complete surprise cause he assumed it was for another role but Bay and co. had him in mind to be the Shredder and he was ecstatic.

Saturday was the big day for us and we kicked it off with our panel with Action A GoGo. Our panel was called "Surviving the Summer Movies of 2015". It was at 10 a.m. but we had a very good amount of people that attended which was awesome. Everything went excellent and smooth and the audience really enjoyed themselves.

After that we ended up attending the Nerdpocalypse live podcast panel and they put on an excellent show. Very entertaining as always. The big plus of it all though was meeting up with the other podcasters like the Gaming and Then Some crew, Kriss from Insanity Check, and the guys from The Black Geeks. Dee attended the "Nostalgia's a...: Trips Down Memory Lane" panel and from what I heard it was funny and entertaining all around. Those guys hit up on the kind of subjects we talk about on our show which is cool cause hey, great minds think alike. lol. The overall feeling on Saturday was a sense of accomplishment cause it was cool seeing all of us pull off our individual panels with success and seeing the support was humbling as well.

Sunday as it goes with any con was a day to check out the dealers area and do some last walkthroughs of the area before leaving. Managed to meet some great artists including Bryan Turner and Mike McKone and purchased some art from them. So yeah overall this was an excellent convention to attend and its gonna progressively grow in the years to come and I'm all for it. Hope to see bigger celebs attend, hope to more comic book artists(especially the indie ones), and just more people period cause its nice to see regular non-comic book folks enjoy these kind of things. 

So with that, we leave you with COSPLAY!!!!!!!

- CJ(@3blackgeeks), photos by Dee(@DeeTheBlackGeek)

Random Rant

So Cj of 3BG told me I had no choice but to make blogs now. Me bullshitting and working on my own personal dream projects be damned. We got a website now and we need content. At least that's what he thinks. Cj in his own Cj way kept it short with me. "Come on now D." So, very well. It's been a whole year since I wrote a blog and I got a few rants brewing. 

It's 2015, Empire has made waves. Power has made waves. Scandal has made waves. How To Get Away With Murder has made waves. Four shows with black leads and some with black direction and writing. All hits. You would think that would be enough for us but sadly it's not. Not at all. You see, our grand return to TV in a non-BET or TVone channel isn't a victory. That's what a lot of us think. Right? Nah, not at all. You see Black America is doing what we love doing. Splitting hairs. We do this all the fucking time, hoping that our way to the promise land of TV won't be in like our Caucasian counterparts. Sadly, that's not how TV or viewership works. I remember as a kid (I mentioned this in our Mo Money podcast) Damon Wayans had a show called 413 Hope Street. Not a perfect show but it was a positive show. A crisis center trying to help a poor black community in New York. It got cancelled 10 episodes in. I remember my father saying "White people don't care to see it, and it's too close to home for black people to support it." Whether my dad was right or not, that statement was true. The one thing black people as a race hates doing is looking in the mirror. Makes sense to me as it seems that any thought provoking film or show we put out, none of us watch it. Oh, we'll support the shit out of it, cry when they take it or hold it from us, but at the end of the day it isn't juicy enough. We beg for these titles and don't even bother to watch the shit! It's like my son begging for a sandwich, only for him to take one bite and he grabs a corndog instead. All the blogs, twitter hashtags and fucking blasting Hollywood just so we can get one and we go "Nah. I wanna see Bad Girls Club."

Now my support of Empire and Power is only on a success level. I want all, let me repeat that, I WANT ALL, black shows to do well, Yeah, I don't like the Tyler Perry comedies but I support my people. I'm not counting reality TV. Why? Why would you do such a stupid thing? So when I heard about Empire breaking records and just the full on impact of it all, I loved it. Finally! One of our shitty TV shows is out doing white peoples shitty TV shows. That's how I see it. I don't need this big long rant on how this effects blacks; how does this make us look in the eyes of white people; and what message is it sending to the kids. Lemme answer all three. (1)We watching our people on screen. This is a modern day "Dynasty" or "Dallas", bad people being bad people. It's also us in positions of power. Money, fame and all the bad that comes with it. But tt's directed and written by us. (2) White people are gonna think what they gonna think. Much like how black people think of about white people. WHY DOES IT MATTER? What, is Masta Charlie gon' shame and beat us? It's 2015! Who gives a fuck about judgmental assholes being judgmental. Yes, I understand that what it looks like but take a step back. The show is 75% full of bad guys. It's not a big deal. (3) Is actually a legit concern of mine. This is TV14, tell you're fast ass little cousin to get out the room. ...then again, us 90's kids had New York Undercover. (I swear we saw Malik Yoba bang a chick every episode). Point is, until we can make a positive show that has mass appeal, we need to be happy as hell Empire is here. It knocked down a door. Run in before the networks close it again! (Also, I'm not a fan of Empire, just a fan of Terrence Howard acting and him wearing the living shit out of those suits! ...Taraji's ass tho)

One more issue and it's the one I'm sick of. It's 2015 and this needs to die. Two people in the room. Both love movies. One loves Denzel Washiington. The other says "He sold his soul to the Devil for an Oscar." Yes, if you have younger cousins; a friend who hates straight forward logic; a stoner friend who is waaaaaaaaay too paranoid to even be smoking; or that one relative/friend who is just plain ignorant, they will believe in the Illuminati and all of the goings on. This shit needs to die. Yes, there are unexplained shit in our government and even in Hollywood. But if you TRULY believe in the Illuminati, THEN MAKE FUCKING SENSE. Just because you can't explain it or you seen something that's counter to what you deem as "Holy/Good", it's not the devil! Just because you hate Jay-Z and Rihanna's music, doesn't mean they're in league with Satan.(Just Live Nation and yes it is evil) But it's the knee jerk reaction to it. The mystery group that's behind all the shit you hate. But lets go back to Denzel and bring Halle Berry into this. This is what I was told by someone at a party, who believed in this grand conspiracy and challenge me as Christian Black man to open my eyes. 

"Denzel Washington winning in Training Day wasn't because of his acting ability. It was because the Illuminati telling him to do so. They told him that he had to pick a role that would show him, a upstanding black male in Hollywood to be evil. And Denzel did it with flying colors, not before (Note- I didn't make this shit up! My dumbass friend did!) Denzel met with the Illuminati. They was told to give up his manhood, like Halle Berry giving up her butthole on screen to Billy Bob Thorton. Denzel did it and now you worship this coon as a God now. You niggers are being lead by false prophet. A man who gave us his butt to be rich."


Okay, wow that's a lot to take in. Here's the thing, this is believed as gospel. Now we can easily poke holes in all conspiracies but this is...unique. Not quite burned out stoner, not all the way jailhouse Muslim, and not some much paranoid Christian hillbilly. It's odd that theories like this float around as gospel. Now that I got that out the way, let me continue. I'm sitting there looking at him in shock of the dumb I just heard. Seriously, my kicks itself over shit like this. I began to tell him about Denzel being nominated 6 times(winning twice) by a room full of old white people who NEVER recognize blacks in the acting world. You would think that would means something right? Nope. I told him the Academy is full of shit anyway.

"But he won for a bad guy role, making all of us look like thugs in the eyes of the white man."

Somewhat true I guess they only want us to be in negative roles. Unlike when Denzel won for Glory. You know, the runaway slave who was angry at every white person in the world won Best Supporting Actor! Yes he played a slave but played a vital role in the movie. But yeah, he a slave. Shame on Denzel. But if it was so focused on Denzel being evil then win didn't he win for The Hurricane or Flight? Also if it was a white mans idea of us, then why did he win a NAACP Award for Training Day?

"Monkey see, monkey do."

...huh? Whatever. The part I like is the magical orgy that Denzel took part in. First off, tell me why? Why? The butt stuff? I don't get what's up with you Illuminati cats and talking about niggaz getting butt raped. By the way, I was never fully given an answer outside of that's how the white man talks away your dignity. Wait...what!? Here's the best part, the fact the guys willingly do so. Seriously, it's either butt sex or a guy deep throating another guy. A gay person would call you gay for that. Seeing how I was never given a straight answer I can only assume one thing. The people who say these things are homophobic or closeted as fucked. Either way, that shit doesn't make you look intelligent because you're not being metaphorical. It makes you look like you wrote a fantasy porn of Denzel, Will Smith, Jay-Z and a few other "sold out" actors/musicians having a orgy "Sexy Beast" style in Puff Daddy's pool house! It would be funny if the person who's telling you this was just saying it to be funny. But no he was real with his shit. Right on I guess. I'm just sick of the idea of this grand scheme to control the through music and tv for black people. Yes I see why you have those ideas but why? Because it takes away praise for our own race is it not? Denzel is great actor. Halle Berry is.............pretty. Will Smith is great, I could keep going but why? I'm just more mad at the idea of it. It's dumb. This isn't my last post on the Illuminati conspiracy. I'll be back when I care to rant again. Until then...here's to more blogs.

- Dee the Black Geeks