Hannibal Tabu interview/Comic Book roundup

CJ got the opportunity to interview Hannibal Tabu who is a writer for Comic Book Resources weekly review column The Buy Pile, Co-writer of "A Soldier's Story" in Watson and Holmes Vol. 2 from New Paradigm Studios, Frequent geek-related contributor to KFI 640 AM's Mr. Mo'Kelly Show, and Writer of two prose fantasy novellas for Stranger Comics (Waso: Will to Power and Waso: Gathering Wind).

Afterwards, Dee and CJ talk about the comic book news and books they read for the month. Fun times.

You can find more of Hannibal Tabu's content at http://hannibaltabu.com.

Twitter: Hannibal Tabu - @hannibaltabu

              Dee - @DeeTheBlackGeek

              CJ - @3BlackGeeks

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