Marvel's Civil War

For awhile in the Marvel Universe, heroes were able to do their job without much interference from the gov't. Sure every once in awhile they have a liason to see what the heroes do but for the most part there was no checks and balances. In comes this event which set the tone on whether heroes should be able to do what they do with no regulation. Civil War as an event had potential to be really good in concept and the story does start out strong. Problem is by the latter part the story starts to wear out its welcome. This ends up becoming an issue with Marvel's events going forward.


Recommended reading list for Civil War:

Civil War #1 -7, Civil War: Frontline #1-11, Amazing Spider-Man #532-538, Black Panther #18-25, Road to Civil War TPB( Consists of: Amazing Spider-Man #529-531, Fantastic Four #536-537, and New Avengers: Illuminati Special #1), and the prologue to Civil War: Fallen Son, the Death of Captain America.

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