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Only The Strong

I want Dangerous Minds meets Karate Kid. I want Bloodsport meets Stand and Deliver. I want to see Eddy Gordo shit. Well guess what, this is your movie. Mark Dacascos finally gets his spotlight on the 3BG Podcast. We talk South Asian actors, Copoeira, bad editing, Scott Hall as Razor Ramon and bad signing.

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Posted on June 4, 2019 and filed under 90's, Action, School.

High School of the Dead

Fan service is something that for the most part is a staple of the anime genre. Sometimes shows go overboard with it and other times you get a small portion of it. In comes High School of the Dead which really hits you over the head with its fan service and yet it has some characters that you care about and a decent plot revolving around the zombie apocalypse and the chaos it causes.

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