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Beast Wars Transformers

3BLACKGEEKS!!! MAXIMIZE!!! We sit down and have another convo about the Transformers. This time we talk about the awesome as hell Transformers Beast Wars. A series that had a rough start due to fans but ended up being a hit. As usual in these cases we called for our friend PrimeGundam to join in on the conversation. We talk about nerdom, Reboot, great moments from the show, button-ups and why this show kicked ass. 

Posted on January 30, 2019 and filed under Cartoon, 90s Kids, Action, 3BG Classic.

The Animatrix

Coming off the heels of The Matrix, The Animatrix was born out of the series starting to expand out into a full fledged franchise. With that came a need to explain the nuances of the world of the Matrix and how everything came to be. The Animatrix succeeds in giving an account of how the machines managed to take over the humans while also giving story accounts of how the Matrix effected other characters. Lots of solid animation from various studios and yet another solid soundtrack, the Animatrix is definitely worth a watch.

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The Incredibles

When it comes to the superhero genre, many movies come to mind from Spiderman to Superman to Batman to even recently with Iron Man. Right around 2004 during the comic book movie crazy, Pixar graced us with a movie that gave us a different side of superheroes. What happens when you have to retire the hero life to be a regular average joe and the movie works big time in that regard. Colorful cast and funny story all around.

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Posted on August 3, 2015 and filed under 00's, Disney, Comedy, Cartoon, Action.