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It's Christmas time and we at 3BG feel like seeing something juvenile and yet charming. Something that's Christmas theme but could very well be set during Halloween. I got it! Gremlins! The original Pokemon...not really. We talk about how the whitest town in America gets taken over by monsters cause Wypipo don't follow instructions for shit!


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Posted on December 4, 2017 .

Otakon 2016 - LeSean Thomas interview

LeSean Thomas (Makestuff LLC), known for his work on THE BOONDOCKSTHE LEGEND OF KORRA (Book 1) and BLACK DYNAMITE: THE ANIMATED SERIES, is a television animation producer, director and illustrator operating out of Los Angeles, California. He is creator, producer, director and writer of Cannon Busters, the animated pilot ( with Japanese animation studio Satelight (MACROSS DELTABASQUASH! FAIRY TAIL) that is based on his creator-owned comic book of the same name.

We chat it up with LeSean as he talks of his beginnings, his involvement with Boondocks and Black Dynamite, and his new series, Cannon Busters.