The Perfect Weapon

In one of the most clutch moves done by DjTsu, we were geared up to do "Firestorm" but it didn't work. He brought up Jeff Speakman and the 1991 underrated action film "The Perfect Weapon" a story about a white guy who has a black belt in Kempo who saves Korea Town, a that has no Koreans in it. Enjoy.

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Stone Cold

Brian Bosworth was the action star that could have been. So we decided to review his first and biggest movie, Stone Cold. A story of a Alabama cop who goes undercover for the FBI to take down a Mississippi Bike Gang. Yes, it is as good as it sounds. We talk about Bosworth short career in the NFL and film, confederate flags, Forsythe being a cinematic gem, biker boobs, Henriksen obvious wig, old ladies, wypipo and one-hit explosions!

Posted on May 30, 2018 .

Hard Rain

A bit of randomness has struck the 3BG Podcast until our summer series. This time it's a Die Hard genre movie, but during a flood. We talk Morgan Freemen, Hollywood's yearly White women, water, awesome death yells, Kenny, Shabba Doo and of course..."WE JUST WANT THE MONEY!"

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Leonard Part 6

It's our 250 episode of the 3BG Podcast. We're so proud we have made it this far. Thanks to our fans and to everyone who helped us along the way. Like a our good friend Moe Porne from No-Budget Nightmares, who's been our best friends since we started. He tags along with us on this episode. That being said let's talk about Bill Cosby and this sorry ass movie. We talk about Cosby, Pills and other awesome things.

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Posted on May 16, 2018 and filed under Black Cinema, Bad Movies.

Half Past Dead

Only in the early 2000's could a movie this insane be made. Like who thought it would be a good idea to pair up Ja Rule and Steven Seagal? And to make it even more nuts, you cast Morris Chestnut as the villain. I swear I have no idea what the hell is going on, but at least Kurupt is here to provide laughter and a better performance than Ja Rule. So in this episode we talk about Ja Rule and his mark on hiphop, Nia Pebbles being the best thing in the movie, Wire-Fu, Lip Gloss, this non-existent plot and Steven Seagal's being du-rag history. 

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Miami Connection

A podcast recorded over a year ago, now finally seeing the light of day. I have to be honest this film and this podcast are both diamonds in the rough and will make you laugh

Posted on April 15, 2018 .


A podcast that shockingly doesn't have one of the geeks quote "My Anaconda don't want none..." This movie was reviewed by us in like year negative zero, so we're happy as hell to finally do it. We talk about screaming snakes, JLo and her relationship with her hood and Jon Voight's legendary mugging.

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Sailor Moon S

The next arc in our coverage of Sailor Moon, we stop at Sailor Moon S. The S stand for Super. Wow, can't believe we didn't mention that. But we do talk about the arc, the OP Sailor Uranus and Sailor Neptune; Sailor Pluto looking grown; homosexual relationships in cartoons; Tuxedo Mask being relegated and more.

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