Nowhere To Run

Its always a pleasure when we get to do a Van Damme movie. And oh boy, this is a good one. I mean the podcast, not so much the movie that Jean-Claude said he hated doing. We talk about Hollywood families, Van Damme singing R&B and Jock Jam hits, JCVD vs JDF, his triangle and DIPLOMATIC IMMUNITY! Once again, it's a 3BG Classic.

Posted on March 13, 2018 and filed under 90s Action.

Waist Deep

Waist Deep is one of those films MADE for BET to play it 60 times a week. (And yet it doesn't) We talk about Tyrese, the hype of Meagan Good, bad acting, the Compton Cinematic Universe, bad direction, the dumb ending, porn stars, The Game and did I mention bad direction? Its a 3BG Classic y'all!

Posted on March 5, 2018 and filed under 00's Action, Black Cinema.

Black Knight

Black Knight was one of a few Martin low points. This movie had everything going against it. 3BG finds a way of actually making this a funny episode. More effort from us then the movie. So we talk about other movies and make this movie sound better...basically we don't say much about the movie.


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Posted on February 19, 2018 and filed under Comedy, BAD MOVIE.